The Value of Gender and How it Represents the Body in Society Essay

The Value of Gender and How it Represents the Body in Society Essay

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In order to answer the question I would like to explain in brief the value of gender and the ways it represents the body in the society.

The term “Gender “and “Race “is by now used so frequently in academic discussions. While sex differences are rooted in biology how we come to understand and perform gender is based on culture. As it is said by ( Byers & Dell ) that we always view culture “ as a process through which people circulate and struggle social relations, and therefore, our selves. “ and on the other hand Race has no longer been seen as a biological type. The process of human reality has always seen the constructions of race and gender. As a term ‘Gender ‘refers to the social construction of sex. Gender has come to replace “sex “as a term referring to sexual difference in a biological sense. Gender is a system which helps us organising our live, whether we are eating, sleeping, or reading, gender is at work. Theorists In the past have explored the ways in which gender affects our day to day lives, how binaristic understanding of feminist and masculinity shape the way we perceive gender. Gender divides human into two categories Male and Female or Masculinity and Femininity. Not only does the system of gender divide the human race into two categories but it privileges the make over the females. Gender studies are an attempt to explore some of the practices and sites specified. Gender comes to be associated not merely with a set of bifurcated characteristics that have been deeply engrained but with an entire universe that has been divided into separate but unequal spheres. These spheres extend beyond character traits to material realms with which “masculinity and femininity “have been linked. Some people believe that th...

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...s and also describes about the equal rights and the way different people of different races and different strata of society are treated.

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