Analysis Of The Socially Constructed Body

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The reading assigned titled “The Socially Constructed Body” by Judith Lorber and Yancey Martin dives into the sociology of gender with a specific focus on how the male and female body is compromised by social ideals in the Western culture. She introduces the phenomenon of body ideals pressed on men and women by introducing the shift in cosmetic surgery toward body modifications. In the realm of work the appearance of someone’s body has a significant impact on their success according to Lorber and Yancey. In the text it was emphasized how height is idealized in the work world because it shows authority and being superior to peers and competition. Weight, height, race and jaw shape all are characteristics that have been observed to play a particular role in decision-making for leaders, e.g. the men with looks far from ideal had rarely moved up in military status in comparison to those with more idealized looks (253). Gender is one of the most socially constructed aspects of society; body transformation is created by social construction dynamics of the actual human body into social bodies according to Lorber and Yancey. It can be seen through the ideal body types men and women admire among different social practices…show more content…
Men prove their masculinity by acting tough and joking about hardships or danger proving dominance. The stigma of men walking away from a fight not being honorable is an example the authors used to portray that being passive is far from being masculine. Although women have been observed to take into healthier lifestyles they still succumb to the problems of eating disorders and binge drinking in their college years. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are issues linked to the western cultural ideals for beauty and many of the times women will find themselves having a hard time reversing such a disorder or even being
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