Useful Technogies Used by Cardiac Tumor Surgeons Essay

Useful Technogies Used by Cardiac Tumor Surgeons Essay

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1. Introduction
This document represents the literature review, for some useful technologies used by cardiac tumour surgeons. Government statistics show that in 2013, there were 11,410 new soft tissue (including heart cancer) cases. Also in the same year 4,390 people died. (National Cancer Institute, 2013)
This is an area of concern as the technologies are aimed at saving lives, by diagnosing the issues earlier. The criteria that will be looked at throughout the review, will be the impact it will have on heart tumours, how it works, benefits and disadvantages.
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2. Nanobots
Nanobots are small bots that deliver drugs. They are 0.25mm diameter they use octomag for power, which uses the electromagnets around the head. It navigates by changing the strength of the electromagnets. (GMA News Online, 2013). This mainly focusses on the technology and the theory and not about the benefits. It doesn’t say how they plan on the bot entering the body which clarification.
It will take a further three to five years of research before the steering matures. So it can navigate efficiently, through the vascular system. (Kroeker, K, 2013). This journal discusses the history and brings it up to date with nanotechnology; it links in with MRI scans which are discussed in Section 4. It mentions about how it gets into the system and takes into account a computer controller which controls the magnetic carriers to steer it. These were not mentioned previously.
The future could be developing a nanobot that carries antibodies to kill cells. It would navigate detecting particular molecules. It could take 10 years before human trials. (Sanglap, r, 2012). Unlike the other two previously it explores the future. It does conflict with (Kroeker, K, 2013)...

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