Use of Yoga in an Urban School for Children With Emotional Behavioral Disorders

Use of Yoga in an Urban School for Children With Emotional Behavioral Disorders

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Purpose and Hypotheses of the Study
The study by Steiner, Sidhu, Pop, Frenette, and Perrin (2012) had one purpose in mind. This purpose was to examine the feasibility of using yoga in urban schools to help fourth and fifth grade student with emotional and behavior disorders learn coping methods. The use of yoga training with these students was expected to be embraced by the students, teachers, and parents of the students and fit within the students’ schools schedules; along with this, it was to help improve attention levels in the classroom and behaviors in the school and home environments.
Participants of the study included 74 students with emotional and behavior disorders, the students were all from an urban elementary school’s fourth and fifth grade class (ages 8-11). The student had to be able to comprehend English well enough to do written reports and understand verbal instructions from instructors. Admittance to the program also required the students to have been identified by the school’s teaching staff or the special education director to have an emotional-behavior disorders which include any of the following disorders; anxiety, depression, attention difficulties, aggression, hyperactive, and conduct disorder (Stiner et al. 2012)
Methods and Procedures
Participants participated in two, one hour yoga classes a week for 31/2 months were the class data was recorded by the yoga instructors in terms for attendance, engagement, and behavior in every class session for every participant. The measures for this study included pre-and post-intervention assessments and questionnaires for the participants, teachers, parents, and yoga instructors. These assessments assessed the improvements of behaviors, impairments, and...

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...y could helped more students learn to have better control or grasp on their disorders as they moved up in grade levels.
Another limitation is the fact that they only used one type of data collection and not any other kind. By only have questionnaire done by the participants, teachers, and parents you end up with a very small and somewhat bias group of assessors. To improve this they could have used interviews with parents and the researchers could sent out people to observe the children in the school environment and in the child’s home to see if there were any significant results of improvement.

Works Cited

Steiner, N., Sidhu, T., Pop, P., Frenette, E., & Perrin, E. (2013). Yoga in an Urban School for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Feasibility Study. Journal Of Child & Family Studies, 22(6), 815-826. doi:10.1007/s10826-012-9636-7

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