The Use Of Transgenic Plants And Why Are There? Essay

The Use Of Transgenic Plants And Why Are There? Essay

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What are the uses of transgenic plants and why are there such large social, legal and ethical issues raised surrounding the topic? In order to understand this question, one must ask themselves what a transgenic plant is. By definition, a transgenic plant are plants that contain foreign DNA that has been incorporated into its genome. (Giuseppe, 2003, p. 306) Plants which contain transgenes, which is the gene sequence inserted in the plant, are often called genetically modified (GM) crops. For example, scientists have discovered a concept of genetically modifying corn so that it discharges a powerful poison that will kill insects which are harmful to the growth of a crop. In order for the scientists to achieve this, they had to genetically modify the corm by separating the gene that generates a specific genetic trait of interest from the rest of the genetic material from the organism. Due to this, the new genetically modified corn is now called Bt-corn because the gene with the trait that kills the harmful insects comes from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). The use and constant improvements being made in the field of molecular genetics has led the way to a better understanding of genes that possess traits that can improve areas such as food quality and crop yields. However, the uses of transgenic plants can leave negative effects on human health, the environment, and the economy. These effects can cause implications socially, ethically, and legally, which are just a few of the many broader categories.

Food choice, whether it be organic, processed or fresh, is influenced by a number of factors, including social factors. In general, genetic modification, this case in plants, has had large positive and negative effects in s...

... middle of paper ...

... topic, then legal issues may be raised against them. Therefore, farmers and the general public have a right to be educated on the topic of genetically modificated foods and must read all legal documents before deciding what measures to take.

In conclusion, transgenic crops and genetic engineering continue to present difficult challenges in the 21st century. No technology, either new or old, is without any controversy. Many people believe that genetic modification is a new, large concept of the future and that we should not ignore a technology that could have vast potential benefits. However, we must proceed with utmost caution to avoid causing harm to human health, the environment and the economy. For the idea of biotechnology, it is important that not only the technical issues are discussed, but the social, ethical and legal implications be discussed as well.

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