Essay on The Use Of Illicit Drugs

Essay on The Use Of Illicit Drugs

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The use of illicit drug in America

The word drug, according to the textbook “Drug, Society, and Human Behavior” defines drug as any substance, natural or artificial, other than food, that by its chemical nature alters the structure or function in the living organism.”(pg 5). From the definition, we can denote that drug in itself is not destructive, but when it is used outside of its purpose with the sore aim of recreational purpose, than it is considered hazard. According to Carole Fontaine, one of the interviewers in the film “Ancient Drugs” states that drugs in itself is not bad, but when we lose the rational use of these substances, that is when we get into trouble. The film acknowledged that drugs have a part of America and any society for a long time since the the1800. Drug can include everything from prescription drugs to illegal chemical, for example: caffeine, pain killer (morphine and oxycodine), cleaning detergents, alcohol, spices, plants and herbs. According to Wade Davis PH D, from the film “Ancient Drugs” give his vie...

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