U.s. Military Capabilities, Economy And Information Technology Essay

U.s. Military Capabilities, Economy And Information Technology Essay

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The tendency to over idealize past military victories and demonize conflicts more limited in scope leads to false comparisons and presents an overly grim view of U.S. military capabilities and contributions to greater national objectives. The United States has confronted a variety of complex economic, social, and military issues with varying degrees of success in the postwar era and has in fact been quite successful in major nontraditional wars of ideology, economy and information technology.
In the last sixty years national objectives have not lent themselves to the traditional concepts of victory based on armed state versus state conflict. Looking at the definition of war in a broader sense, it is a struggle or competition between opposing forces for a particular end. While there seems to be great angst and self-flagellation about U.S. military campaigns which have not ended with total battlefield and territorial dominance, incomplete victory should not be considered an empirical failure to “win the war.”
The assumption that the “golden age” of American warfare resulted in clear cut victory is oversimplified. The aftermath of war in Germany, Spain, and the Union defeat of the Confederacy each had elements of loss and ongoing instability after victory was declared. Portions of Germany were occupied by the Soviet Union, an ally who would later become our greatest foe. The United States gained independence for Cuba following the Spanish-American war and spent half of the next century boycotting the same country. The surrender at Appomattox failed to achieve the Union’s stated goal of equality for black men or eliminate the Ku Klux Klan.
Even in the modern era it is disingenuous to declare U.S. military involvemen...

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...revolution was born in Silicon Valley and U.S. computer and communications innovation dominate the globe - even Islamic extremists use IPads.
The tendency to self-criticize and over apologize are perhaps too much present in the American media landscape and make things appear worse than they are or foster a false comparison with past glory days. More recent national objectives have not been crafted to seize territory or protect borders but to ensure American economic dominance, bring stability and the concepts of representative democracy to unstable and struggling regions, and show that attacks against U.S. interests will not go unchallenged. While each casualty, both military and civilian, is a tragedy, it is not tenable that these individuals have died in vain. Americans love to win, which is a good thing, because on many levels the nation is doing just that.

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