U.S. Entry into WWII Essay

U.S. Entry into WWII Essay

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The United States, at the time of World War II, was facing an economic depression which concerned the American public and President Roosevelt because they knew that America’s involvement with the war was inevitable. Most resources state that “the United States entered World War II largely unprepared” (America and Word War II 610). However, due to the fact that while preparing for the war there was an increase in economic growth, African Americans and women became more involved in industry and the military, and President Roosevelt incorporated several acts and embargos that encouraged Americans to produce more supplies as well as permitted Britain and France to purchase goods from the United States, it can be argued that America was in fact prepared for its entry into World War II. The external threads of continuity, such as economic, social, political, and geographic factors, had a greater impact on the United States preparedness for war, which resulted in the overall success of the Allied Powers.
President Roosevelt was concerned that the American economy, which was in a state of depression, would prevent the United States from successfully preparing for war. However, he knew that American involvement was inevitable, so he and his advisors agreed that the best way to rapidly mobilize the economy was to give industry an incentive to move quickly. One way the government encouraged companies to help prepare for the war effort was through cost-plus contracts. These contracts meant that the government covered the cost for a company to produce military goods as well as paid them a percentage of the profit. The goal of the cost-plus contracts was to encourage companies to switch the production of their businesses to help manufacture mo...

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