Unjust Laws Threat Justice, A Letter to the President Essay

Unjust Laws Threat Justice, A Letter to the President Essay

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Unjust Laws Threat Justice
Dear President Obama
While I was reading an article about a death of highly respected person who was calling for gun ownership, I came into the conclusion that all laws support gun ownership are unjust. That man was one of the eminent supporters gun ownership. He was found dead from a gunshot. However, those weapons he had couldn't save his own life. Your Excellency, Let me get this straight. Our lack of gun control has led to a seemingly endless string of tragedies, multiple killings by some deranged persons and has finally reached into all places especially our schools. “ Annually, more than 3000 gun-related suicides and homicides are committed in US. Every day, more than 82 people are getting killed because of gun-related injuries.” (Jost, 2008). All states in U.S have passed laws authorizing gun owners to keep and carry weapons personal protection. The wrong use of weapons is considered a big problem in all states in U.S. Based on the United Nations reports and according to the Washington Post “U.S has more fragile regulations for firearms and higher number of accidents than any other industrialized or developed countries in the world” (Max Fisher). Mr. President, I appeal to you and all respected people in the Congress to take real steps toward the destruction and the misery that were caused by the unjust laws of gun ownerships. I strongly ask you to take into consideration this real catastrophe that happened to many societies in the United States. You have to take more changes and new strategies to avoid the mass destruction caused by unjust laws. Guns are not necessary not for individuals if they need for protection, but they are necessary for the government to use them to protect individuals...

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...or individuals protection, they will unfortunately bring misery and destruction to the most families in US. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the government of United States to pass new laws on guns, impose tough restrictions on the use of guns and force big control on gun traffickers.

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