United Nations on settling International Disputes Essay

United Nations on settling International Disputes Essay

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People see the United Nations as an international organization that is there always for international disputes, international peacekeepers at the heart of everything else they do. Giving hope to this confused world. Although, who’s really behind this?
Aside from the big three- UN Secretary General, the Security Council and the General Assembly, which are considered the most famous among the other organs, the UN is composed of many other smaller distinct and independent entities. (White 3)
The United Nations brings all organs to work hand-in-hand in trying to make the world a better place. Since 1945, the founders of this global organization have promoted the protection of human rights. The General Assembly has used the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, expanding its laws to protect the victims of discrimination throughout the years. (Basic Facts about the United Nations 207) Furthermore, a lot of the UN’s resources are dedicated to development, which helps improve the lives of millions of people all over the world. It believes that lasting peace and security can only last if people everywhere have secure livelihoods and better standards of living. (Basic Facts about the United Nations 127) But this world federation is most recognized for maintaining international peace and security.
Even before World War II, talks on the “settlement of disputes” were already going around. The idea that an individual country could rely on the security coming from an group of countries, instead of only on its own army, became known as collective security. (MacQueen 26)
Although the Security Council seems most likely to be the main hand in UN missions and aid in the maintenance of peace all the organs play important roles.
The Security...

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