Understanding The Client 's Problem Essay

Understanding The Client 's Problem Essay

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What assessments would you conduct to enhance your understanding of the client’s problems and how would your choice of assessment(s) inform your diagnostic formation and treatment planning? Assessments may include structured or unstructured interviews, valid and reliable assessment measures, and/or formalized assessment procedures that may be conducted by yourself or by someone else referred by you.
In order to understand the client’s problem, the evaluator must gather relevant data as it pertains to the forensic issues of concern (Bartol & Bartol, 2011). Based on the vignette, it appears the forensic issue is whether or not Danita understands the nature of her actions and the charges against her. Danita expressed her disbelief of the charges and feels like she has done nothing wrong.
Before gathering information, it is important that the evaluator request access from the county jail to review and gather any information concerning Danita Johnson background history. According to the Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology (2013), under guideline 8.03, it is important to obtain a consent from the relevant party (county jail) to gather such information.
Based on the vignette it appears that the evaluator must consider gathering a developmental history, school history, work history, family history, medical history, substance abuse history, criminal history and mental health history in order to enhance the understanding of the client. This background information will not only enhance the evaluator understanding, but it will provide the evaluator with knowledge on what past professional have said about her.
After gathering the appropriate background information, the clinical interview would be the next step to understand Danit...

... middle of paper ...

...lso important to assess for suicidal ideation as well.
Due to the forensic issue, the evaluator must consider testing Danita Johnson in competency, risk of dangerousness and criminal responsibility as well as malingering. Danita stated that she does not understand what she had done and is wondering why she is being treated unfair. Danita appears to have a lack of insight into the consequences of her behavior.
Upon given any assessments, it is also important to understand Danita’s level of functioning. In the vignette it appears that Danita’s level of functioning will be an issue. It was stated that she struggled with reading and math and that she never graduated from school. Danita also showed poor judgment skills and the lack of stability.
Assessing Danita’s level of intellectual functioning will provide information on her participation to any assessment tool given

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