Understanding Of Local Area Network Technologies Essay

Understanding Of Local Area Network Technologies Essay

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Digital Technologies
Level 2
Assessment Report
Final Report AS 91377 Demonstrate understanding of local area network technologies

Sean Weenink

Networking Concepts 1 - Fundamentals
What is the Purpose of a LAN?
Local Area Network (LAN) is a single network within a relatively small area. LANs are generally private networks. LANs are often used for connecting multiple devices over a short area for commercial and private uses. LANs are often connected to other networks such as a WAN and the internet. This allows people to access more information and resources. TBC is an example of a LAN because multiple devices are connected throughout the site. There are multiple subnets within the larger network that operate in different areas. The TBC lan network is connected to the internet which allows all of the devices in it to access all of the many resources on the internet. An example of how the TBC network shares resources from the internet is using Google Docs to store our work online. This allows us to access our work from any device connected to the internet anywhere and to therefore save storage space on our own computers. Businesses often also set up their own LAN networks to connect multiple computers and other business related devices to their and share resources such as file storage and printers. Each individual device on a network is called a node.

What is Bandwidth?
Bandwidth is the maximum speed at which data can travel within a network connection. Bandwidth is measured in bps, Kbps, Mbps and Gbps. Main data transfer lines require higher bandwidths because they take more traffic. At TBC our main connection to the internet uses ultrafast broadband and the we then have a faster backbone connection multiple switches througho...

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...such as printers. Devices with static IP addresses are easy to trace and locate making them more secure as any issues coming from them can be easily traced. Dynamic addresses are changing and can be reused. They are given to devices that only temporarily connected to the network. Any issues coming from devices with dynamic IP addresses are hard to trace because the IP address changes. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is the system used to automatically distribute dynamic IP addresses to new devices connecting to the network and to redistribute them once the devices disconnect. When a new device connects to the LAN network the DHCP will record its MAC address and allocate it a dynamic IP address. It the host of a network wants to ban a user from the network they can simply ban the MAC address of that device.

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