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Understanding Clinical Depression Essays

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You feel don’t enjoy doing things that used to make you happy anymore; you don’t want to socialize with anyone, you feel competently sorrowful, and you have become pessimistic and hopeless of anything, then you find yourself wondering what’s causing you this dreadful experience? The answer may be that perhaps you are depressed. Every once in a while we all go through a few periods of sadness and instability in our life’s, however depression is different from this occasional feelings. Depression affects everything in your life and performing easy task and daily activities become hard, you have trouble seeking the positive things and you stuck yourself in the negative side.
One question we might all ask will be how do we know if we are depressed or simply just sad? In order to answer that question we first need to understand the definition of depression, in medical news today depression is defined as.” A medical illness that causes a constant feeling of sadness and lack of interest” Depression is a critical condition that affects a person’s body and mind, it impacts every condition of our daily living, including, sleeping, living, socializing, working, not to mention how each of us think about ourselves. Is not easy to stop depression someone that is depressed can’t just simply cause themselves to feel better, without any appropriate treatment the symptoms can last for long periods of time like months and even years. Despite treatments available to help depressed individuals only about one-third of them actually seek treatment, this is lamentable because about 80-90% of those who do receive treatment feel better in less than a month. But why do so many people don’t look for help? There are many different factors that could probabl...

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...al medical condition such as hypothyroidism. The six type of depression is the seasonal affective disorder (SAD), in this disorder people are afflicted by depression during different seasons or times of the year. Furthermore the seventh type of depression is the postpartum depression which is an unusual type of depression that occurs in women within approximately one week to six months after labor. The eighth form of depression is called substance- induced mood disorder depression may begin or precipitated by overdose of substances such as medications, toxins, drugs, and alcohol. The ninth and last form of depression is the premenstrual disorder, this is a bizarre variety of depression affecting a low percentage of menstruating women, it is a periodic condition in which women may feel down and exasperated for one or two weeks before their menstrual period each month.

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