Understandin How Mammalian Pulmonary and Circulatory Systems Increase The Delivery of Oxygen to Cells

Understandin How Mammalian Pulmonary and Circulatory Systems Increase The Delivery of Oxygen to Cells

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Male vs. Female Differences in Vital Statistics

I. Introduction
The respiratory system and circulatory system are both critical to the life of a mammal. The respiratory and circulatory systems depend on each other greatly. An organism needs both systems to be functioning in order to sustain life. Oxygen needs to be exchanged throughout the body, and the respiratory system and circulatory system are the modes of transportation for the oxygen. The respiratory system establishes the breathing of an animal by the transfer of oxygen, which in return allows the circulatory system to work. According to Barilleaux (2014), the gap between respiratory tissues and aerobic tissues was bridged by the circulatory system.
Humans and other mammals have a closed circulatory system also known as the cardiovascular system. As explained by Ebashi (2007), the heart is the muscular pump that powers the entire circulatory system by the use of metabolic energy that elevates the hydrostatic pressures of the blood, that then flows through the vessels and returns to the heart. The circulatory process allows the blood cells to exchange the oxygen to the body cells, and for the body cells to exchange any unwanted wastes back into the blood cells.
The circulatory system is made up of arteries, capillaries, and veins, which are classified by the direction they carry the blood. Arteries carry blood away from the heart to other organs of the body. Within these arteries are smaller networks of arterioles, which are smaller vessels that transfer blood into the beds of microscopic vessels with porous walls called capillaries. The capillaries contain an outer membrane to maintain its shape and layer of epithelium for the exchanges between the vess...

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