Underage Drinking And The Age Of 21 Essay

Underage Drinking And The Age Of 21 Essay

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Alcohol is Poison

Everyone knows a drinker of some sort. In college, being drunk is almost more accepted than going to a church service. Most students don’t even give a second thought to going out with friends and knowing they will not remember the night ahead of them. Alcohol abuse is normal in college. Considering that “alcohol is the most widely used substance of abuse among America’s youth, and drinking by young people poses enormous health and safety risks. ” it’s not a surprise that the cluster of young adults on college campuses are normalizing alcohol abuse (Underage Drinking). Students begin early on by underage drinking, continuing on to binge drinking, ultimately and eventually leading to alcohol poisoning.
In the United States the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol is 21 years old; underage drinking is consuming alcohol under the age of 21. Underage drinking and the problems underage drinkers cause can negatively affect families, individuals, and their communities. Despite laws and restrictions that are put in place to prevent young people from obtaining and drinking alcohol, leading to bad decision making, and getting hurt, young people are dying in alcohol related incidents at an alarming rate of 4,300 deaths per year (Harding). Many families, individuals, and communities are being affected by drunk drivers; however, the aggressive preventive measures the United States government has been taking since the mid 1980’s at federal, state, and local levels are paying off because studies show “since 1982, alcohol-related traffic deaths among youth aged 16–20 years have declined by 79%” (Harding). Would more strict laws improve these statistics even more? Most of the underage drinking being done is by college age...

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...can prevent it from happening to themselves. The more college students drink, the greater the risk of death.
Although underage drinking, binge drinking, and alcohol poisoning are all common, things can be done to prevent these abusers from ever having to worry. If a person does not drink, they can not die from alcohol poisoning. Any successful approach to prevent underage or binge drinking includes, but is not limited to, considering genetic factors, social situations, the role parents play, and how easily youth can obtain alcohol. Education is key when preventing alcohol related deaths. Maybe in the future meaningful progress will be made in reducing underage drinking and binge drinking, but for now educating college students and every other living, breathing human being of the risks and possibilities for things to go wrong when drinking will deter at least a few.

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