Lowering Drinking Age to 18

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There has always been controversy as to whether the drinking age should be lower from 21 to a younger age, like 18. Though there are drawbacks to lowering the drinking age such as, one It may cost for use of illicit drugs. two Its easier to access other drugs, and alcohol. tree it may decrease unsafe drinking activity’s. The benefits would be that it would one get rid of feelings increasing , two people should have freedom of choice and tree, it is wrong to drink at such a young age. According to the drinking age, lowering the drinking age will invite more use of illicit drugs among 18-21 year olds. It is more likely that they will use other illicit drugs. Lowering the minimum drinking age to 21 would increase the number of teens who drink and therefore the number of teens who use other drugs knowing the effects of this situation, and understanding what can happen. Young adults cloud face many more problems than just . Drinking is one step forward to many more drugs. According to drinking age, the minimum drinking age at 21 reduces traffic accidents and fatalities were reduced, 100 of the 102 analyses ( 98 percent) in the 2002 meta-study of the legal drinking age and traffic accidents found higher legal drinking age associated with lower accidents. “By lowering the minimum drinking age to 21. It would give high schoolers and even middle schoolers easier access to alcohol”. As said in drinking age Newly legal drinking often purchase alcohol for their underage peers, creating a trickle-down effect. surveys show that the common source of alcohol among 18-21 year olds is there 21-24 year old peers. Believing that their is a purchase to alcohol for their underage peers meaning even if you ... ... middle of paper ... ...d help the stores, and the local stores might just have a better chance of getting more money, but others think it would be a great idea. Underage drinking may cost problems, and way of having problems with family, friends, and school, but they are wrong. Drinking at a young age, may just make everything worst. There are many drinking the more emotions, and nothing good ever came out of it. It just may make you someone you never wanted to be. young adults underage drinking has caused most accidents. Young adults have been dying more and more since they’re taken advantage of it. the’re been getting in car crashes, and parents are being more protected, but young adult just don’t listen, and they never learn. some people want the age to be higher, not just 21. some say leave it the way it is. Adults of the age of 21 are mature and they understand what they are doing.
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