Ulysses S. Grant Was a True Epic Hero Essay

Ulysses S. Grant Was a True Epic Hero Essay

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My epic hero was a military lieutenant from Ohio. He was born and raised in Ohio and went to a military high school. Since he was a military man, he knew a great deal about leadership. As he grew up, he became a general and one of our many United States presidents.As he was president, he did many good things for our country. Ulysses S. Grant, to me, is an epic hero because he lead and fought in the army for our country and he was a great president.
Ulysses S. Grant was born with the name Hiram Ulysses Grant. He was born on April 27, 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. Grant was named by his grandmother after his father lent her a book named Telemachus by Fenelon. His grandmother named him after Odysseus, but with Odysseus’ Roman name Ulysses. Him and his parents had moved the next year to Georgetown, Ohio. His father then ran a tannery business. Ulysses’ father, Jesse Grant, signed Ulysses up for a U.S. Military Academy at West Point. When the congressman appointed Ulysses for West Point, he mistakenly thought that Ulysses; used his mother’s maiden name, Simpson, as his middle name. Ulysses accepted the new name and didn’t do anything about it. He had said that the “S” in his name didn’t name anything.
Ulysses graduated from West Point in 1843 and was a skilled horseman. Ulysses was assigned a brevet second lieutenant in the 4th U.S. Infantry. After 1843, when he graduated, Ulysses met in of his West Point classmates’ sister, Julia Dent. Julia’s parents were a planter and a merchant. Grant had been part of the Mexican-American War, where he and Julia were apart. He misses her greatly and wrote her letters often. When the war ended, Ulysses returned back to Missouri and married Julia. They were married in August of 1848. Hi...

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...ite his memoirs, to provide for his family. He, later, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1884. Just the next year on July 23rd, Ulysses died. He was spending the summer in the Adirondack Mountains with his family. His friend, Mark Twain, published his memoirs. Ulysses and his wife were both buried in New York’s Riverside Park. At Ulysses’ funeral procession, more than one million people were there to witness it.
In conclusion, Ulysses S. Grant was a true epic hero. He helped stop the Civil War, became America’s 18th president, helped freedmen’s rights, was a national hero and made our first national park. Without him, we could still be the Union and Confederates or maybe freedmen’s rights wouldn’t be like they are today. He really did save our country. Ulysses S. Grant is an epic hero, a great president, and a great leader (in war or at/in the White House).

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