The Ultimate Goals Of The Republic Essay

The Ultimate Goals Of The Republic Essay

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Plato asserts that while the guardians might be the happiest people within the society, it is not their intention to create a situation whereby only a few people are happy but rather a state where the happiness of the entire community is important. The ultimate goals of the republic is to have the entire community or all its inhabitants being happy and not part of the community. While the guardians might have the power in controlling certain elements within the city, this cannot guarantee them absolute happiness. Within the context of this passage holding to the ideal forms of the society can be a sure way of securing happiness for the individuals and the society as well. This means that the individuals must consider the welfare of the society while taking care of their own personal activities.
Plato seeks to determine the element which would bring happiness to the entire society with regard to the guardians or rulers within the city. “The rulers have the capacity, through supporting their own interests to make themselves happy while hindering the rest of the society from being happy” . It is important to know that the there are things which cannot be changed and the power which the rulers have is not absolute and can be lost. The element of justice within the society makes people to perceive each other as equal. Regardless of this knowledge, Plato acknowledges that there is nothing which can prevent the rulers from abusing the powers they have and making a living from their subjects. This would include oppressing the society for personal gains like wealth and other material things of the world.
Plato argues that regardless of what rulers might think, there are things which they cannot even change with their power. Thu...

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...uals are treated equally and share the same values with the leaders. Preferential treatment for the leaders is described as an element which would delink them for the society. This can be able to make leaders to forget the importance of the virtues and become corrupt. The leaders can therefore focus on the personal happiness rather than crating happiness within the society. Within the context of the passage, Plato creates and analogy of city and individuals. While the individuals are part of the city, both of them are defined by the virtues which they have. Happiness for the individuals would be able to make the city become a happy place as well. In creating a happy state, the happiness of individuals is absolutely important. It is important for the guardians to understand the role of justice in enhancing happiness for themselves and also for the auxiliaries as well.

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