The Ultimate Fighting Championship ( Ufc ) Essay

The Ultimate Fighting Championship ( Ufc ) Essay

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been elevating the level of adrenaline for a long time now. The tournament spawned back in 1993, and it 's truly becoming a national trademark in the States, just like wrestling. It has become significantly bigger in the past few years, with amazing contestants like Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. The latter is only 28 and he has quickly become the face of UFC with his incredible performances and personality.

All of those reasons led me to try the new UFC 2 game, and I have to add that I wasn 't experienced in games like this one. Maybe that 's why I really liked it; it was a fun and unique experience to say the least. There 's great value in the combat of this game, which is very solid.

There 's a variety of different moves to choose from, which makes the fight feel very realistic. I had only one issue with the combat, which can be fixed in the next game, or so I hope. You can kick, punch, strangle, or even bite, but there are rules for that last one, of course. The game is simply trying to create a feeling that anything can hap...

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