Essay on The Ugly Side Of The European Union And The Migration / Refugee Crises

Essay on The Ugly Side Of The European Union And The Migration / Refugee Crises

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The Ugly Side of the European Union and the Migration/Refugee Crises
The domestic issue that the Middle East is facing today is a very complex mind game for Europe and the rest of the world. Countries such as Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan are encountering religious wars and genocides. Additionally, since the beginning of the Syrian war (2011) and the war happening in Libya, thousands of people in these countries have fled into European borders seeking asylum. With the influx of migrants and refugees crossing Mediterranean boards, European countries are now facing a greater and more complex issue that they have not dealt with since the 1940’s — a migrant and refugee crisis. Due to the rising influx of migrants and refugees fleeing into the EU, some countries have created their solutions in dealing with both crises involving building electrically wired fence borders along with limiting the number of asylum applications these countries receive per day. However, the EU as a whole has yet developed an effective solution to theses crises that if not taken care of soon this may create the risk of the “ever closer union” to dissolve.
Since the beginning of both crises, the EU has not developed an effective solution to these complex issues in controlling the inflow of both migrants and refugees coming into Europe. To understand the complexity of both issues, there must be an explanation about the differences between a migrant and a refugee. A migrant is someone seeking greater economic stability whereas a refugee is someone who is fleeing instability or violence in their home countries. Since the beginning of 2014, UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) estimated that “59.5 million people have been forcibly displaced from their h...

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...important. "Failure to contain the crisis would be a terrible outcome for Europe as it battles to hold itself together (Economist, 2016 p. 13).
Global challenges need global solutions. The EU’s unsolved migrant crisis is increasing causing European countries to turn hostile toward each other. The migrant crisis is not the first crisis the EU has dealt with. EU has risen from ruins of two devastating world wars, and the-the group itself embodies a longing for a world of peace, prosperity and stability. Preventing war has been the noble obsession of the EU and its predecessor institution from the beginning. The question still stands: How will the EU cope with the influx of migraines without working together? As it has been stated before, the EU is “an ever closer Union” however, without the stability of all 27 countries working together, the EU will indeed fall.

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