Types Of Investments And Proportion Of Investment Essay

Types Of Investments And Proportion Of Investment Essay

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From the above, it is evident that the policy has clearly specified the types of investments and proportion of investment to be made in each instrument. In September, 1994, LIC Mutual Fund launched Dhanasamridhi, a pure growth oriented scheme. The investment policy, as stated in its offer document, contains the types of investments, their risk and the proportion of investment, the policy also contains in which industries the funds are going to be invested. In the case of debt investments, LIC Mutual Fund has stated the quality of instrument in terms of rating. It is a welcome trend in the disclosure practice of the investment policy. However, the risk indicated in the offer documents is descriptive and provides only rough idea about the risk. It is suggested that the LIC Mutual Fund should come to a consensus on the quantification of risk and its disclosure in the offer document.
LIC Nomura MF Unit Linked Insurance Scheme states that the investment objective of the scheme is to generate long term capital appreciation and offer tax benefit as well as additional benefits of a life insurance cover and free accident insurance cover. The basis and policy of investment underlying the scheme is to invest in a mix of fixed income securities, equity & equity related instruments and money market instruments.
LIC Nomura MF Equity Fund Scheme is to provide capital growth by investing mainly in mix of equity instruments. The investment portfolio of the scheme will be constantly monitored and reviewed to optimize capital growth. The basis and policy investment underlying this scheme is to invest in equity and equity related instruments and a small portion in debt and money market instruments.
Dhanasamridhi launched on 21st July 194...

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...rpus in cash & cash equivalent and money market instruments from time to time. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized.
The investment policy followed by LIC Nomura MF is governed by the type of scheme. A growth scheme would have a predominant accent on equities. For an income scheme, high
degree of investment in debt instrument is required to generate a steady flow of returns to investors. LIC Nomura MF mobilizes funds from various mutual funds schemes. These funds are invested in different categories such as equity shares, debentures and bonds, government securities, deposits and others. The funds are invested keeping in mind the safety, liquidity and yield. Table 6.4 shows the performance of LIC Nomura MF on the basis of number of investors, fund mobilized from all live schemes and Asset Under Management (AUM).

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