Essay Tuesday's With Morrie

Essay Tuesday's With Morrie

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Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Cries of despair by self-righteous, egotistical(for that

moment) individuals. Questioning why is this horrible thing happepppning to them, the thing they said never could

or would . Death, a very intimidating subject. Most of us put it off ,we know its something

that happens to everyone and somehow continue tolive like its not going to happen to us. When that moment

finally gets here they say you have that flashback of your life and how you lived it. Including things

such as important people, mistakes you made, things left undone or words left unsaid guilt, regret etc.

The aim of this story Tuesday's With Morrie, by Mitch Albom is to encourage the individual to live a

better life why you have time, in order to avoid some of those later things such as guilt and regret. We

learn this concept of living through the wisdom of one of Mitch Alboms old teachers, Morrie Schwartz,

who is suffering from ALS knowing he doesn't have much time left, deciding to teach the world what

he knows from experience. In order for the audience to achieve a better grasps on the concepts of the

story, and the overall concepts of the man Morrie Schwartz, Mitch Albom uses aphorism, flashbacks,

and flat characters to illustrate Morrie's character in Tuesday's with Morrie.

“A teacher effects eternity;he can never tell, where his influence stops.”Henry Adams. This

aphorisms perfectly describes the overall theme and purpose of the book and also the man himself,

Morrie Schwartz. Aphorisms; a brief statement of a opinion which holds truth, were very common

place in the story. Morrie Developed many aphorisms that were used to help him illustrate his feelings


... middle of paper ...

...e. When in reality that's far from the truth. Mitch Albom uses aphorism, flashbacks, and flat

characters to illustrate Morrie's character in Tuesday's with Morrie, to allow us to feel that connection

to Morrie, and really understand his background, ultimately where he comes from. It helps Morrie

perspective on Death, and most importantly life really hit home, as it makes us feel like we really truly

know Morrie ourselves. This connection it creates , without a doubt makes this novel a best seller. Maybe Morrie's purpose will be fulfilled, and that one of his favorite

insights by Henry Adams “A teacher effects eternity;he can never tell, where his influence stops.” held

truth, and that hopefully through his story we can all learn to live how were supposed to while we still

have time to do it thanks to this great teacher, Morrie Schwartz.

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