Troubles Within The Brain : William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

Troubles Within The Brain : William Shakespeare 's Macbeth Essay

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Troubles within the Brain
William Shakespeare incorporated many influential characters throughout “Macbeth”. Lady Macbeth would be by far the most important character. Her attitude reflects ambition, strength of will, cruelty, and dissimulation. Shakespeare makes her start out as a character with great determination, having no fear in what is done. However as we soon realize that Macbeth is very opposite, he shows timidness, self-doubt, but is also filled with bravery and ambition. As time goes on, the rolls of each character start to shift, Lady Macbeth becomes all caught up in her thoughts letting her conscience get to her. On the other hand, Macbeth becomes bold and determined with the decisions that he is making. Lady Macbeth is psychologically messed up in her mind because of the influence she has made with the murder of Duncan. In the play “Macbeth”, one can see that Lady Macbeth’s conscience has had such a big impact throughout the play, causing her to be unaware of the outcomes of her actions.
Lady Macbeth started out as a strong women, wanting what was best for her husband. Lady Macbeth knew that she had power over her husband. We all know that Macbeth did not want to commit the crime which he made upon Duncan. Is it safe to say the reason he made the decision was mostly enforced by his wife? Lady Macbeth believed that Macbeth would make such a great king, but knew that he didn’t have the courage to kill Duncan without a little push and shove. By manipulating Macbeth’s mind she was able to convince to him to commit the murder, thinking it would have no harm done to her. Little did she know that this would come back to haunt her, driving her insane.
Throughout the play Lady Macbeth’s personality goes from no worrie...

... middle of paper ...

...t being able to free herself from the complexes of her repressed unconscious (Coriat). Lady Macbeth knows what is going on after she wakes up, but she still feels trapped and want to seek attention for help but the doctor can not do anything. With that, Lady Macbeth has come to think that she is possessed, has not remained in the sticking place, but weakens perceptible and went to alcohol to try to make her brave ( Corat). Unfortunately this does not work, causing her to become much worse in the matter.
As time goes on, Lady Macbeth is not able to turn herself back around, ultimately leading to herself committing suicide. From the beginning Lady Macbeth tried to be someone she wasn’t, causing her to make decisions that she should not of. We focus today, that Lady Macbeth’s conscience has caused her to do things she is unwilling or not knowing she has done.

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