Treatment Plan For The Hospital Essay

Treatment Plan For The Hospital Essay

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Almost every year she had to go to the hospital , and every time she was admitted with a whole different scenario. From something as little as a fever to something as dreadful as a miscarriage, she suffered greatly. Every time she went to the hospital, I witnessed a different story. As I went to my mom 's room, the only question that came to my mind was : Who will be taking care of her ? How long is the treatment plan? And some other thoughts that just battled me. Seeing someone whom you love soo much in a great pain, and can not do anything about it , is just heartbreaking. It 's true that I 'm the one who stayed with her most of the time and took care of her physical needs but I always felt I could do more. I will never forget her words to me while she was lying on the hospital 's bed with a fragile face and cold hands. “ If u were a doctor , you would be the one who is taking care of me right now” she said. As immigrants, we did not make a distinction between a Doctor and a Physician Assistant but later on we learned that they are two different medical professions.

The thought of considering PA school was always on my mind but I began to consider it more each time my mom got sick. In 2008, both of my parents got into a huge accident. As a result , my mom was diagnosed with a lumber hernia. Moreover, she had thirteen cortisone injections and a back surgery. Personally, dealing with her pains and suffering was a big step that lead me to pursue a medical career.

Ever since middle school and through out my educational path, I was drawn to medicine through my love for science. I have been always interested in Chemistry, Biology, and all related subjects. I have been eager to know more about the human body , and...

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...ul and a deeper understanding of the medical field is the key to a succful PA.

Shadowing an obstetrician was a very rewarding experience to me . I had the opportunity to do numerous pap smears and examined women both young and old. Also, I observed and performed other procedures under the supervision of the physician. As a PA student, I 'm considering the obgyn/ genogologist specialty. The most thing I like about being a PA that I could witch to any specialty I want any time without worrying about residency.

My goal to become a PA is tied to my studies and personal experiences. Being a PA is not just about helping people and taking care of their needs. It 's a passion of mine. One day, I will be in my white coat reciting the oath of the profession and I will keep every word of it as a seal on my heart and will remind my self with it everyday.

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