Treatment Of A Fertility Specialist

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After unsuccessful try to get pregnant we started this journey. We went to our first Obgyn doctor and after few test of me and my husband, she informed us my husband has a sperm issue and we need to do IUI to get pregnant. It was very frustrating and we were so disappointment. After few months of thinking we decided to get help and find a fertility specialist. We found Dr Shahin Ghadir on SCRCS clinic which they claimed they have the best lab on California. We meet Dr Ghadir on December 2015 and after he reviewed my record and my husband new sperm analysis, he suggested us to do IVF with ICSI technic instead of IUI because we will have more chance to get pregnant and our chance is 60 to 65 percent because I don’t have an issue. However he ordered me few test to make sure I don’t have any issues. On that time we didn’t have money to start this journey and their clinic had a remodeling construction. So we waited till February 2016, on my second day of my period I did bunch of blood test to check all my hormones before we started the cycle. Also he ordered me HSS test which during the test he found out I have two polyps which has to be removed via surgery and I have to do Anastasia. We did the surgery on Feb 26 and I stayed at bed for couple of days. After surgery we meet him and he said everything is fine and all my hormones all normal and we can start our cycle after I got my next period. (Which on that time he knew about our real problem and he did not mention to us and he didn’t disclose our option) On March 7th I start my painful shots and hormones and back and forth going to clinic for blood test and ultrasound. At the same time I started to do Acupuncture because I heard it increase the chance of pregnancy. After 10 days... ... middle of paper ... ...ies problem via FHS test since day one but he didn’t see any reason to let us know and prescribed me the high dose medication which he normally dose for 45 years old woman. He told us another shocking news which our chance to get pregnant trough IVF is less than %30! He said he didn’t ordered AMH test because he didn’t see any reason for this test ( we have his plan for our IVF cycle and on his plan AMH test it was one of them) Then he suggested us we can do donor eggs with %80 chance. Which it means more chance without my eggs. Our questions are Why he didn’t informed us how serious is our problem. How come he didn’t tell us we have %30 chance and why he didn’t suggested donner egg before we start this cycle! How come he didn’t suggested us to do genetic test on embryos while he knew I have high FHS and Low AMH which it means quality and quantity of eggs.

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