Transcultural Nursing As A Necessary Specialty Essay

Transcultural Nursing As A Necessary Specialty Essay

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Madeleine Leininger is a nurse who realized that cultural care was an important concept in nursing. In the 1950s she found that behavioral issues in children stemmed from a cultural basis due to nursing having a lack of knowledge in a variety of cultural awareness (Buschur-Betancourt, 2015). The purpose of this paper is to identify the eight reasons Madeleine Leininger states transcultural nursing is necessary. I will describe the cultural diversity and how it relates to my field of nursing. I will also provide three ways that I have incorporated culturally sensitive care toward my patients.
Transcultural Nursing as a Necessary Specialty
There are eight reasons that transcultural nursing has become a necessary framework for the care we provide to our patients. The first reason is due to an escalation of multicultural people entering the United States due to migration from other countries. According to the Migration Policy Institute, the most current data shows the United States as having 42.4 million immigrants (Zong & Batalova, 2016). This leads us to reason number two, which involves these diverse multicultural families that want their beliefs and values to be understood by those in the medical field. Reason number three is that sometimes the increased use of technology can cause conflicts with the values of patients. An example of this would be communication between a healthcare worker and a family that does not understand technological instruments, such as a life-saving device or intubation. Reason number four recognizes that conflicts can lead to confrontation and violence as cultures intermingle with one another, which can impact a patient’s care. Number five acknowledges that there has been an increase in people reloca...

... middle of paper ... as well. Patients will be discharged with instructions that they will be able to understand.
In conclusion, with nurses at the forefront of patient care, we must have cultural awareness and knowledge in order to provide the best care for our patients. Starting with recognition of our own feelings and presumption toward other cultures will help decrease stereotyping and bring awareness to health practices and beliefs within our society. Madeleine Leininger recognized that in order to provide the best possible care, we must bring cultural awareness to the medical field. By increasing flexibility and open-mindedness we are able to consider a more positive way of thinking and caring for individuals and families. With the prevalence of cultural diversity within the United States population, it is imperative that health care workers provide culturally sensitive care.

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