Importance Of Ethnocentrism In Nursing

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In the health profession, the diversity of people requires the ability to carefully, respectfully and effectively provide care. For this reason, it is vital that the approach of care delivered to patients depend on each individuals. This approach ensures patients receive best quality of care possible and avoid situations that can potentially prevent improvement of health status. This essay will discuss the importance of nurses to be cultural competent, possible consequences of ethnocentrism and how critical reflection can help prevent ethnocentricity. Cultural competency can be described as the ability to affectively respond to the needs of individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. There are various reasons for nurses to be cultural…show more content…
Ethnocentrism can be defined as judgement of different cultures based on standards of one’s own culture. Therefore, whilst providing care, it is important for nurses to avoid ethnocentrism as this approach can have negative consequences for the patient and quality of care is jeopardised. Generally, everyone has their own beliefs, practices and values thus it becomes an issue for someone to impose own views upon someone else. In terms of a nurse imposing their percepective on a patient the patient’s reaction can differ from becoming passive, to being defiant to receiving care. Refusal of care potentially leads to a situation that could be harmful or detrimental to their health. Ethnocentrism leads to assumptions and stereotype that can cause nurses to fail in treating patients as an individual. Consequently patient centred care is neglected meaning individual care requirements are no met. Additionally there would be negative feelings from patients towards nurses thus the relationship build is one that lack trust. The possible result of the mistrust and lack of comfort could be reluctance to communicate. Communication offers sharing of information and idea thus care is better provided when patient provide information on their health. Lack of communication can potentially lead to health deterioration. In short, ethnocentrism can be harmful as it hinders quality of care thus it is beneficial for patients if nurses avoid practicing in such a
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