The Tragedy Of The Commons Essay

The Tragedy Of The Commons Essay

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1. Go to the textbook and read the section about the Tragedy of the Commons. Summarize, in YOUR own words (do NOT copy-n-paste from the book or article) what the “Tragedy of the Commons” means.

This “Tragedy of the Commons” is a concept first put forward by William Forster Loyd but more often is attributed to the ecologist Garett Hardin ("Tragedy of the commons", 2016). The concept can be explained as a situation in which a common resource is shared by many. Each individual attempts to maximise their share of the resource with little regard to others and therefore the resource begins to be over exploited. Furthermore, the individuals involved each feels as though their actions do not contribute to the inevitable decline of the shared resource an so continue what they are doing. However, all the individual 's actions combined add up to the resource eventually being exhausted.

2. What natural resource in your area, environment, community, or town has been a victim of the Tragedy of the Commons? In what way? Explain.

The Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) is an area that spans over 5 states and territories and covers over one million square kilometres, or to put this in perspective, is more than three times the size of Germany. The MDB includes Australia 's three longest rivers, is home to a vast array of natural flora and fauna, many of them endemic and under threat, and plays a crucial part in sustaining the nation 's agricultural needs as just under 40 percent of all Australia 's farms can be found here ("4610.0.55.007", 2016). Despite the importance of the area, over the years poor agricultural practices, a lack of coordination between the various states and territories responsible for their sections only and an over-allocation of...

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...uce my car 's carbon emissions to at least 3.2 tonnes a year.

5. Tell me what aspects of the course you really liked and would not want changed if we update/revise this course.

Hi Professor Dorsner

I have found this course quite challenging at time as the course load has been a lot more than many of the other classes I have taken during y studies at UoPeople. complete at times. This has been particularly true when there has been 900 word assignment, a discussion post, a journal post and all the readings to be completed by the end of the week. Despite this, I have really enjoyed the course and so there is not much I would change at all. Specifically though, I would recommend not changing any of the assignments that ask the students to think about their local environmental issues. I feel that I have learnt a lot more by apply the course work with something familiar.

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