Traditional Roots At The United States Essay example

Traditional Roots At The United States Essay example

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Despite my experiences and struggles as a child, moreover, residing in the United States, I carry my traditional roots near and dear through cultural practices such as my diet, celebrated holidays, and rites of passage. My diet primarily consists of traditional Nicaraguan foods such as gallo pinto (rice and beans mixed together) regularly with cuajada (type of cheese) and soft tortillas, meat wise, primarily chicken, steak and pork beverages such as pinolillo (cornmeal cacao based drink). Snacks, consisting of rosquillas (corn masa cookies). The delicious foods eaten assist in myself keeping my traditional roots near. This refers to my ethnicity, Nicaraguan. Moreover, my race of being Hispanics due to traditions and the celebration of holidays: Semana Santa, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Easter, and Palm Sunday and rite of passage, Quincernera. Semana Santa (Holly week) is the joyful celebration of the commemoration of crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Crist. The highlights of Semana Santa are touring the streets with floats, traditional candle lighting, different decorations in the city streets, and religious ceremonies. My father travels every year for Semana Santa; I have traveled to Nicaragua three times for the experience. My family also celebrates Christmas, Thanks Giving, Easter, and Palm Sunday. With every holiday, we all as a family go to church. Both in Nicaragua, and the United States a major rite of passage for girls is the celebration of their Quincernera; the transition for the fifteen-year-old girl to transition to a woman. Highlights of a Quincernera consisting with a lot of dancing, food, alcohol, the beautiful dress and all eyes on her, and most importantly the acknowledgment of the girl transitioning into a wom...

... middle of paper ... those around me, until I learned to speak English. I didn’t have anyone except my immediate family. My mother, especially, is my best friend. I can talk to her about anything and everything. Family is not exactly a value more so, it’s the basis of society. However, in the Hispanic culture, you are raised to be extremely close to your family. Reflecting from my beliefs and the values has given me the understanding and crucial necessity to be conscious how important values are in one’s life. They are one’s personal moral guidelines in living their daily lives. In social work there is a code of conduct that we must follow in our client’s life their code of conduct are their values. Naturally my values and values of my client will not be the same as social workers we must find a common ground between the both and proceed to advocate in the best interest of the client.

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