Traditional Concepts Of National Security Essay

Traditional Concepts Of National Security Essay

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People decided that the traditional concepts of national security were not enough, and did not necessarily reflect current values or the needs of the people. Traditional concepts of national security place the nation-state at the center of the playing field, and use military and economic power to protect the state’s political and physical sovereignty from external threats. Human security places individuals at the center of the playing field, and focuses on issues that are both transnational and local.
The scope of what both traditional national security and human security hone in on can vary wildly from issue to issue. However, traditional national security concepts focus on a more nation-state-based point of view. For example, in a more realist view, the state is in charge of its own protection, which is done through military power and dominance. Building up an incredibly strong army is not necessarily what is best for the general populace of a country, considering the fact that it takes funds from other sectors, such as education or welfare. However, human security focuses on the individual, and recognizes that each person is impacted differently by a choice such as scope of military (Gasper and Truong)
Economic power is also emphasized in the global perspective of security. Having economic dominance is a way to protect sovereignty, one of the reasons of which because there should be no temptation for any regulations to be made that makes it easy for foreign investors to exploit the land. Economic dominance is also a power play, because so much of the world is dependent on one nation’s decisions, and said nation does not have to wildly rely others. In the form of the labor market, the global South is subsidizing the global Nort...

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... universal human right is access to healthcare. This could be argued as necessary for society, because if people keep dying from treatable ailments, then there is going to be a rather chaotic area. I personally want a lot of things to be acknowledged and implemented as human rights, but a more basic definition may allow for more of them to actually be followed and understood. There are some aspects of the developed North’s model of human rights that are wonderful, such as recognizing everyone as a person. However, this model does not apply well to every culture, and should be modified based on a society’s values. This does not mean that rights would be taken away from areas that are not in the North, and a more simplified version of human rights would allow different societies to make them fit amongst their values, while still protecting the people (United Nations).

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