Tourism Industry a Major Source of Income Essay

Tourism Industry a Major Source of Income Essay

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Tourism is recognized as a big industry worldwide which is a key sector of development in several countries and a major source of income, jobs and wealth creation and also influencing complementary investment and domestic policies. This range of influence and importance creates challenges to measurement in tourism. The most industry activities can be measured by clear statistics such as agricultural industry and automobile or electronics manufacturing. While, Tourism is a large and complex industry which is rather difficult to measure is a key component of the services economy.

Tourism industry basically can be measured by research reports and statistical data which are conducted by various related organizations on tourism and economic sector as The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), The World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) that is a basic economic tool to measure the tourism industries on the economy. In terms of indicators based on the purpose of this paper seeks to measure the impacts or benefits, competitiveness and future development in tourism.
indicator Core Supplementary Future development
Tourism performance and impacts -TDGDP
-Inbound tourism expenditures
-Exports of tourism services

Ability of a destination to deliver quality and competitive tourism services -Labor productivity -Air connectivity and inter-modality -Government budget allocation for tourism

Table1: List of indicators for measuring in tourism
Source: modified from OECD (2013)
Table1 shows indicators for measuring in tourism in accordance with OECD (2013) stated that indicators for measuring such factors mentioned in tourism ...

... middle of paper ...

...and developing tourism competitiveness. And the government budget allocation for tourism which is a measure of national government tourism expenditure per capita tourist. The funding is a sign of commitment to the tourism sector and to work in partnership by investing for improvement in performance ability and competitiveness, this is typically linked to a national policies and programs to be delivered with industry partners as part of a policy or program that aims to improve the quality of product and services within tourism industry, facilitate tourism investment opportunities and promote the country as a tourist destination. Ultimately, such indicators mentioned are the essential tool to measure entire tourism sector that result in the economic growth and tourism development which are to forecast the economic target and to enhance tourism sector in the future.

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