Tourism And Hospitality Industries : Big Business Essay

Tourism And Hospitality Industries : Big Business Essay

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2. Tourism Today Is Big Business

In what many consider as being the largest industry in the world, tourism, travel and hospitality make up the lion 's share of various economies globally. In the United States alone, a record $1.5 trillion was produced in 2013.

Resulting in over 7.8 million US jobs, and accounting for more than 9 percent of all exports from the US, it 's estimated that one out of every 18 Americans finds himself/herself employed in one way or another by the travel or tourist-related sector. Such is the impact on the US economy, that a full 2.6 percent of the gross domestic product directly comes from the tourism and hospitality sector.

Global impact of this industry resulted in a staggering $220.6 billion in sales and a $74 billion trade surplus in 2014. In other words, the tourism, travel and hospitality industries are big business--whether you 're in the United States or in another country.

If there was ever a growth industry to become involved in, then this is it. As international travel is projected to grow by 4.3 percent annually clear on through 2020, making plans to be a part of it makes good sense.

Spring or Fall, Tourism Rules--Sometimes

Barring man-made disasters, tourism shows an uncanny knack to being weather resilient to almost any characteristic weather typified by the region it industry serves.

There 's nothing like springtime in Paris, or summer either. The Alps are picturesque both in the winter as well as in the summer. In fact, whatever region you would prefer working in, there 's tourism associated with it somehow--many times, all year round.

While not trying to lessen, or make more intensive, the influence of weather on centers of tourism, it must be said that the relationship betw...

... middle of paper ...

...luring method of transportation for countless numbers of users, worldwide or otherwise. Over the years, automobile and air line travel admittedly cut right into the rail leisure industry and lessened its appeal to the public.

However, if some people are afraid of airplane travel and have time to travel to their destinations of interest, then rail is still very much in vogue today. With dining cars that surpass even the first class dining arrangements of some airlines, scenic panoramic viewing cars puttering around majestic mountain passes and WiFi connections throughout the air conditioned trains, passengers can easily be tempted to go via rail.

This being said, combined together, the airlines, cruise ship and railway travel experiences provide more than ample fodder for those wishing to establish careers with liberal room for advancement and lifetime experiences.

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