Total Quality Management from W. Edward Deming Maximizes and Organization's Competitive Advantage

Total Quality Management from W. Edward Deming Maximizes and Organization's Competitive Advantage

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Total Quality management delves into leadership and management to produce a quality based human resource in an organization. The success of an organization is not only based on production efficiency but also on the quality of service and management roles and skills being practiced. In order to achieve maximum competitive advantage it is necessary to deploy quality at all levels of upper, middle and lower level of management, so a quality based team can provide service to customers and take initiative to optimize performance. Deming’s fourteen points also highlight the need and consequences of implementing total quality management in each and every organization. According to these fourteen points, total quality management plays the most important role in the growth of any business. In order to test the practical implementation of total quality management in today’s world a series of interviews were conducted in two organizations. Two people were selected to answer the questions based on Deming’s fourteen points. The first interviewee was Hisham who worked for a technology company as an R&D manager and has been working in this field since the last 14 years. The second interviewee was Christopher who was working as a floor manager at Standard Chartered bank since the last 11 years.
My father and Christopher were given a brief introduction about each and every point of total quality management devised by Deming. Fortunately both of them knew about most of them and were aware of the fact that quality is essential for an efficient organizational structure and performance. In response to the first Deming’s point about constant struggle towards improvement, both of the interviewees agreed with the statement. Hisham was more interested an...

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... Hisham and Christopher both disagreed that the performance shouldn’t be assessed by quantitative achievements as both of the industries count on numeric value of achievements and accordingly recognized. This was in reference to Deming’s 11th pint. Deming’s 12th point urges for improvement by quality and consistent education, which Hisham was aware of already but Christopher didn’t care that much. Deming’s 14th point carried a lot of importance for both of them as they knew quality can be achieved only if it is incorporated throughout the organization.
Both of the interviews depict that Deming’s fourteen pints need a lot of research and practical approach still to be implemented in to the organizational structure in the modern world. As seen by the response of the interviews, approximately only half of them were being followed to implement total quality management.

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