Torture is Unconstitutional Essay

Torture is Unconstitutional Essay

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Torture is a hugely controversial subject in our society today. Torture is defined as an intentional use of pain or abuse to gain an advantage over an individual. According to TheWeeklyStandard, torture is applied to prisoners or detained person to obtain admission of crime or to simply impose pain and suffering as a punishment (Krauthammer). Torture is also used to get information from the suspects by hurting them physically, mentally and emotionally. However, many argue that torture is against human rights and can defeat its purpose. Torture is cruel and inhumane, it can cause more damage to the situation, and it is unconstitutional.
People argued that torture can be useful to gain information on criminals or terrorists that could be vital to saving human life. The information obtained through torture is used for a variety of purposes. For instance, in a time bomb scenario, the police or intelligence services are interrogating the person who is guilty of planting the bomb. This person knows the information where the bomb was planted. In this situation, there will be a specific time pressure and torture can be justified in this scenario because of the fact that there is no other way to retrieve the information. The benefits of saving many people lives outweigh the cost of one man in this situation. Additionally, knowing that he is strongly guilty, this person deserves a punishment for his actions anyways.
Some would say criminals such as terrorists are deserving of some extra punishment as a result of all the death and misery that they have caused. Torture is a means of providing that extra punishment (Torture Debate). The terrorist have done more severe damage to U.S. soldiers once they are captured. Taking the live...

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