World Music Awards winners Essays

  • Pop Princesses of Perversion

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    pop princess fades, she has resorted to shedding more and more layers of clothing in order to attract a new breed of audience. Singing songs entitled "Oops I Did It Again" and "I'm a Slave for You", her raunchy music videos are now being mimicked by thirteen year old girls across the world. Britney Spears and her disreputable counterparts are not the only ones guilty of the corruption of minors-- our entire society is to blame for cramming pedophilic messages down the throat of America. Yet another

  • Influence Of Yo Yo Yo Honey Singh

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    is, how does an artist with so much potential and with such an impact on the majority of the world population (Indians, NRIs, White people pretending to like Bhangra (cit)) go 10 years in the music industry without getting the accolades he deserves? I will attempt to answer this question through this paper. Wikipedia tells us that Honey Singh is the best singer in India.() His songs have impacted the world like no other and have changed the way we dress and act. ()My best friend’s 6 year old brother

  • Taylor Swift Accomplishments

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    76ers NBA game. (“Facts”) The contributions to music demonstrated by the career of Taylor Swift prove beyond a doubt the Country Music Hall of Fame should induct this singer. Swifts worthiness of this award is

  • History of the Academy Awards

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    Academy Awards are highly anticipated by all people alike, from being televised across the globe. People look forward to the fashion and the glam of seeing their favorite actor or actress get all dolled up for the awards. Some people watch to see if their favorite movie will take home gold or take home all of the awards for the evening. Each year we curl up on the couch to watch the Academy Awards, but how did it get started and become the big event it is today? The idea for the Academy Awards started

  • Research Paper On Beyonce

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    Who really runs the world? Beyonce is running the music industry while climbing the charts, she truly knows what she’s doing. Being driven and striving for greatness will lead you to success. She may have had bumps in the road during her career and still could experience some, but she doesn’t give up. The power of one person can have an effect on people all over the World for a good cause or not. Beyonce, twenty time Grammy winner, uses her confidence towards her acting skills, and her musical talents

  • Bob Dylan's Controversial Win Of The Nobel Prize In Literature

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    was a well-deserved win while the others lamented the missed opportunity to laud a more deserving writer, raising the question of whether lyrics can even be considered as literature. I argue that lyrics are indeed literature, and Dylan deserves the award not only because lyrics are literature but also because his works are great literature. Furthermore, I write my own lyrics to mimic Dylan’s intertextuality by getting the inspiration for my song lyrics from Dylan. In 1895, Alfred Nobel, father of

  • Audra Mcdonald: The Most Famous Actresses Of Mcdonald

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    Audra McDonald Audra McDonald, one of the most celebrated actresses of Broadway, as a five time Tony Award winner, Audra holds the title for the most Tony Awards won by any actress on Broadway, Angela Lansbury and Julie Harris also share this title. Audra is a Juilliard graduate, and easily one of the most talented women alive. Born in Berlin, Germany to Stanley and Anna Macdonald on July 3rd, 1970, She has one sister named Alison. Audra possessed the stage presence and energy needed for a Broadway

  • Blake Shelton Informative Speech

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    There are many talented people in this world. They all come from many different places from all around the world. Many people have many different talents like being able to play sports very well, singing, cooking, art, and many other talents. Today we will be talking about a singer named Blake Shelton. We will be discussing his personal life, music career, and interesting facts and things about him. Blake Tollison Shelton was born on June 18th, 1976 in Ada, Oklahoma. He was raised in Ada, Oklahoma

  • Why Music Matters

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    together for any reason, music is there,” according to neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin in This Is Your Brain on Music. (Levitin, 2006) Lee (2012) mentioned that music appeared to have become embedded in our daily lives. From the moment we wake up, our day is filled with music ranging from our country’s national anthem to that song on radio that reminds us of how we are feeling about a person or an event, to one that got us dancing and singing at the end of a work day. Music penetrates almost every

  • Claude-Michel Schönberg's Les Misérables

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    including: La Révolution Française (1973), Les Misérables (1980), Miss Saigon (1989), Martin Guerre (1996) and The Pirate Queen (2006), all in collaboration with Claude-Michel Schönberg. Boublil won two Tony Awards for best score and best book, two Victoire de la Musique Awards, two Grammys, and a Molière Award for Les Misérables. He co-wrote the screenplay and also co-produced the soundtrack of the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated film, Les Misérables. Alain Boublil lives in New York with his wife

  • Essay About Shakira

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    person reaches success, it is important for that person to remain humble and remember where they he or she came from. There are many celebrities that once they achieve fame and success, they remember where they came from and help others around the world that are in poverty. Celebrities achieve this by building charities of their choice. One celebrity that has given back to her community is Colombian born singer Shakira. Growing up in poverty, Shakira knows what it’s like to struggle and has taken

  • Volare: An Analysis Of Domenico Modugno

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    italian composers and singer of the 50's, 60's and 70's, he also recorded in spanish and became very popular throughout his lifetime. Modugno’s song Volare, was selected as the Italian entry to the well known Eurovision Song Contest in 1958. This award winning song portrays a man infatuated with his lover flying across the sky. Part of the song lyrics translated means, "I think that a dream like that will never return; I painted my hands and my face blue, then was suddenly swept up by the wind and

  • My Piano Research Paper

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    Music allows me to elude from the real world in which I live in; all I need is a fascinating melody for me to escape for hours upon hours. Just listening is enough, but something even more captivating involves stimulating both my aural and tactile senses: making music. For years, my favorite way of making music has been through piano. The piano, the most iconic black and white keyed instrument, is both strict and abstract; time and meter interact with harmony and expression. I think it is this “union

  • Carrie Underwood Research Paper

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    Carrie Underwood's life would change forever on January 18th, 2005. She went from being a regular Oklahoma girl to the winner of American Idol’s season 4. As Carrie began her new life of stardom she would later become one of the top artist in country music. It has been 13 years of tours, new music, new fans and a new journey at a new life. Carrie Underwood was born on March 10th 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Carrie was raised on a farm and had a typical childhood full of everything a child would love

  • Carrie Carrie Underwood Research Paper

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    songwriter and actress. Throughout her career as a singer, she is well known for winning American Idol, Grammies, Billboard Music Awards, American Music awards. She grew up in a farm in Oklahoma, where she didn’t become a believer until she was a teenager. As a winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005, Underwood started off her Christian path while entering the music industry. However, she went through struggles of becoming a singer prior to her success in being recognizable. She sang

  • Adele Research Paper

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    Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, born on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, North London. Started singing at the age of four, after heavily being inspired by the Spice Girls music group. Around the age of 14-15, Adele attended The Brit School of Performing Arts and Technology. One day while attending school, for a class project, Adele cut a Three-track demo. The demo eventually ended up being added to her Myspace page, where Xl recordings heard the track for the first time. Four months after Adele graduated

  • The Creation and Legacy of Bryan-Michael Cox

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    Bryan-Michael Cox is a man born of music. It is in his DNA, infused in his born and sinew. He has a level of understanding about music theory and logic that is far beyond the comprehension of the modern day "music scholar" and surpasses the knowledge of any experienced teacher of the musical arts. Bryan-Michael Cox is in his own right, a living legend and one who inspires me the most. Born on December 1, 1977 in Miami, FL, Bryan's first musical influence was his mother, Pamela Cox, an instrumentalist

  • Informative Speech On Taylor Swift

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    career of music; she is heavily involved in various different communities and demonstrates extreme respect. To begin with, Taylor is such an incredible singer-songwriter at such a young age. In fact, she is a seven time Grammy winner and is notorious for being the youngest awardee for the music industry’s highest honor. Swift has been honored by the song writer’s hall of fame for the Hal David Starlight award for her globally beloved songs. Along with that, Taylor holds five Guinness world records

  • Tchaikovsky's Use Of Music In Films

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    proves that since the late twentieth century music and its practice has been through a continuous changing process becoming incredible audible and essential in films. Music moved to the centre opening space to new forms of artistic expression and its usage in films. It is important to take into account that: the usage of music in films has different parameters according to the period of history in which it was used or represented. A narrative that used music to emphasize a touching moment in 1945 would

  • Michael Jackson

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    Michael Jackson My topic for my report is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is a longtime pop music star, known as the King of Pop. Michael is a winner of many Grammys and other music awards. My first subtopic goes into his music. The details giong into Music are his many albums, the many awards Michael Jackson has won, and the songs he has written. My second subtopic goes into the history of Michael Jackson. The details going itno History are Michael's family members, the places he has lived, and