Willie G. Davidson Essays

  • Harley Davidson Is More Than A Name

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    Harley Davidson Is More Than A Name It’s just one year till Harley-Davidson’s 100th Birthday! But what is Harley-Davidson, you may ask? Well I’m here to tell you .Get comfortable we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Although the Indian motocyle was the first motorcycle to be built in the U.S. in 1901 by the Hendee Manufacturing Company of Springfield MA, and the founder George Hendee called it a motocyle instead of motorcycle. After a 50 year battle of engineering and marketing Harley-Davidson

  • Harley_davidson: The American Legend

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    Harley Davidson: The American Legend The first thought of motorcycles as a means of transportation began in the year 1900. The pioneers’ of this field were William S. Harley and his lifelong friend Arthur Davidson. They were both born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. It took them almost three years to build their first production ready motorcycle which was a single cylinder, 10 cubic inch engine. It was bolted directly to a bicycle chassis driven by a pulley system with a leather belt. We are going

  • Harley Davidson Case Study

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    "Harley-Davidson: At Last" as presented in Hartley's Marketing Mistakes and Successes presents the circumstances around HD's near collapse and since rinse to near mythic success. This case is a great example of marketing myopia; HD saw them-selves as ‘full-size motorcycles' manufactures, not in the transportation, or even the entertainment industry. They believed no one bought motorcycles for transportation, but rather for leisure time use. Like the automotive industry of the time, Harley-Davidson

  • The Evolution of Golf Cart Design

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    as common on the road as it is on the golf course. The golf cart truly is a work of art as it is addressed in the paper. There is now an initial concept in the development of the modern day golf carts, the importance of the development of Harley-Davidson on the modern day golf cart, and the basic comprehension of the gas and electric engines involved in the process of making the modern golf cart. The design of the modern day golf cart has changed immensely since its introduction seventy years ago