World War II- The Pacific Campaign

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Having been spread out over more land and involved more people than any other war in history, many believe World War II is also the most historic war in as well. There has never been a war of such immense importance and such a gigantic magnitude. The United States served an absolutely vital role in the outcome of this war. The U.S. was faced with the duty of taking on two different wars at the same time in two different places in the world. Something that many countries would have backed away from. The European front was without hesitation the more evident of the two considering the unquestionable mayhem and evils that were being committed by Adolf Hitler. United States involvement on the European front was unavoidable and, generally much easier for U.S. forces to get to. Having fought in Europe less than thirty years prior, the U.S. was familiar with the territory and proper strategy. The Pacific Campaign of World War II offered an incomparable test for the United States Armed Forces. U.S. Armed Forces had never fought in the South Pacific or even on terrain that resembled the conditions in which they would be faced with in the Pacific Islands. With the Army deeply involved in Europe, in December of 1941 the United States found it self stuck in a war that it was not ready for and had no idea how to fight. However, the United States Marine Corps were the ideal company for the kind of combat they would be faced with in the Pacific. Marines had adequate training for land to sea combat. The Marine Corps fighting in the Pacific gave the U.S. its only chance of being successful against the Japanese military.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese lashed out against America and bombed Pearl Harbor. This act of hostility towards America, p...

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...shijima, a Japanese commander, initiated a huge assault to back up his threat that resulted in nearly 5,000 Japanese casualties and stalemates. Kamikazes continued to pound the U.S. Navy causing them to question a potential victory. All war was in turmoil, but miraculously the Marines began to gradually crack away at the powerful Japanese defense. Before too long the Japanese were becoming desperate as the U.S. began to win. The victory on Okinawa left Japan devastated, and their military weak and tired. The battle of Okinawa cost the Americans greatly, but the “never give up” attitude that they all possessed helped them overcome all the odds against them and come out victorious. Without the unbelievable determination, superior strength, and relentless aggressiveness of the United States Marines in World War II, the United States could have very well lost the war.

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