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    Supervision Final Paper Leave it to a physical education teacher to say this, but, being a school administrator is based on teamwork, no one individual can run an entire school. To me, the idea of creating a collaborative culture simply means getting your staff, students, parents and community on board with your philosophy. Since the buck stops with the principal, it is important for his/her staff to be on the same page. In order for a principal to foster this kind of environment, they would have

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    ...much value in close supervision and it does not lead to greater subordinate satisfaction (Harris, 1967). Thus, the theory suggests that the more a subordinate values a supervisory behavior, the more employees responsive to it, and consequently the stronger is the relationship between the behavior and subordinate satisfaction argue that experienced salespeople were fewer likely to have feelings of ambiguity and therefore, were less likely to need close supervision. In contrast, less experienced

  • Reflection On Supervision And Supervision

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    There are many reasons supervision is important, but for me, discussing my experiences and/or a specific problem is particularly helpful throughout this continued learning process. For me, supervision has been a combination of success and challenges. For instance, I find myself struggling with the differences in practice styles between Credentialed Alcoholism

  • Supervision In Instructional Supervision

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    effectively supervise instruction is every teacher supervisors’ aspiration. Supervision, in the field of educational practice with clearly delineated roles and responsibilities, did not fall from the sky fully formed. To be effective in instructional supervision, it is imperative to be grounded on varied supervisory theories and models to appropriately deal with educators in diversity. Ultimately, effectual supervision acts a bond that holds together individual teachers’ need and school goals.

  • Lord Of The Flies Theme Paper

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    there was no adults would you go wild? Would you kill another kid? Would you put on war paint before hunting? These are the questions that you should ask yourself. In this book they could answer the questions for you or not you decide. Without supervision from an adult figure these kids got out of control. They weren’t thinking about being saved except for Piggy and Ralph. All it was about was the hunting. Just to take down a pig with a spear and then killing it for food was their main priority

  • Lincoln Electric Case Study

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    company because they want to ensure maximum flexibility. They have an open-door policy in which employees take problems to the people that are most capable of solving them. Routine supervision is almost nonexistent. Lincoln has a fairly flat organization in which there are usually two or three levels of supervision between production workers and the president. Employees are evaluated on quality, dependability, ideas and cooperation, and output. They also have great job security, while also being

  • Moral Hazard in Banking

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    within government supervision and regulation. In the article, Stern challenges the assertion that proposals that rely exclusively on government regulation will satisfy the problem of moral hazard, especially for TBTFs (Too Big to Fail banks). Stern states several factors to support such assertions:  The ability of regulators to contain moral hazard directly is limited, due to the exploitable tactics of regulatory reform.  Limited confidence that regulation and supervision will lead to bank

  • Aspects of Probation

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    charge and not a dismissal of charges, as many people believe. Many people believe that putting a person on probation is just a “slap on the wrist” and that it will not stop the person from committing further crimes but the term of probation is supervision and if it is broken punishment will follow for the probationer. Probation is a basic tool of rehabilitation for first time offenders and very few if any person who has more than one offense will receive probation. These offenders are more likely

  • Recess Games

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    incidents relating to kids playing rough. Many school districts have already banned games on the playground that violate a “no-touch” policy. These games, however, are still allowed in the physical education aspect of the day, under close adult supervision. For the most part, each school is in charge of its own restrictions that will be enforced. The “no-touch” policy is a popular choice. The degree of restriction varies, but the general trend protecting safety is to allow no contact games; no pushing

  • Gender Roles in Classical Greece

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    Xenophon’s Oeconomicus, the husband, Ischomachos describes his new wife to Socrates: How Socrates . . . could she have known anything when I took her, since she came to me when she was not yet fifteen, and had lived previously under diligent supervision in order that she might see and hear as little as possible and ask the fewest possible questions (Oeconom... ... middle of paper ... ...imately men were in command in all situations: Ischomachos’s wife says, “For my guarding and distribution