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  • The Spark

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    The Spark Unfair taxes, extraneous patrols, and Britain’s monopoly on trade. These all incited the rebellion against Britain, but one thing before all of these also egged on the rebellion- the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War helped fuel the Revolution because the taxes that it caused, the limitations that were forced upon them with the treaty, and the way the colonists were treated by the British after the war. The French and Indian War left Britain in a huge war debt because of

  • Sparks

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    Nicholas Sparks is famed as the most popular romance writer of today, however he is supremely undeserving of this fame as he has only ever written one book. Up to this day, he has followed the same structure of his first book in order to build his wealth and further inflate his name. Sparks’ debut novel, The Notebook, captured readers with a heartbreaking and emotional force that was thought to include unparagoned intuitions on romance. For years since the book was released in 1996, infatuated readers

  • Sparks Notes: Nicolas Sparks

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    Nicholas Sparks receives acknowledgment for his fantastic job of pouring emotions onto paper for millions to read, and his life has been full of roller coasters on his journey to the top. Sparks studied at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana on a full track and field scholarship, but tore his Achilles tendon during his first year; therefore, his track and field career ended. He currently resides in North Carolina with his wife and five children. As a successful novelist, he makes a fair amount

  • Nicholas Sparks, By Nicholas Sparks

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    given youth today an ‘exercise’ for their eyes is Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks is an accomplished author and best-seller who has encouraged young adults to read; Sparks has overcome adversity and has used writing as an outlet, making him an admired storyteller. Nicholas Charles Sparks was born on December 31, 1965, in Omaha, Nebraska to Patrick Sparks, a college professor, and his wife Jill, a homemaker. In his early childhood, Sparks spent his life moving around frequently while his father

  • The Spark of World War I

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    major countries to form protective coalitions, even with nations that had once been bitter enemies. Smaller countries were forced to choose sides, and by 1914, Europe was separated into two heavily armed camps. Any spark would have been enough to ignite the war everyone expected. That spark was touched off in Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In an attempt to ease tensions between Austria-Hungary and people in the Balkans, the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife made

  • Nicholas Sparks' The Guardian

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    Nicholas Sparks' The Guardian In this book, Julie Barenson is a young widow, whose husband Jim died earlier from cancer. Her husband left her two unexpected gifts. The first was a Great Dane puppy name Singer (this gift was delivered the first Christmas after his passing) and the other gift was his promise that he would always be watching over her. About four years after his passing, Julie is twenty-nine years old and is too young to have given up on love just yet. She may be ready to risk caring

  • Teaching - Igniting the Spark in our Learning Community

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    Teaching - Igniting the Spark in our Learning Community I tend to be a talker. I can keep up a good bit of conversation for much longer than my schedule usually allows. The gift of gab is a quality I have learned to apply in numerous different realms, and I intend for it to lead a flow of information in my classroom. The best thing about being a talker is that at any given moment, I am usually armed with half a dozen different ways to say the same thing. I love being able to talk with someone

  • The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

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    “How far should a person go in the name of love” (Sparks 255)? This one question was the base for Nicholas Spark’s book, The Choice, published by Grand Central Publishing in 2007. This fictional novel was written for young adults. It is part of the countless books Nicholas Sparks has written such as The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Safe Haven. The Choice is a structured novel, keeping the reader on their toes with its intricate descriptions of the characters and setting. A small-town, adventure

  • The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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    The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks The beginning of this book puzzles the reader. It doesn't clearly state the setting and plot in the first chapter; it almost leaves the mood open to how the reader interprets it. In the romance story The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, the plot then shifts from a nursing home to a small town -- New Bern, North Carolina. It baffles the reader so much that it urges one to read on. The romance of Noah and Allie in this book is so deep and complex that it will bring

  • The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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    The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Just after Graduation 1932, the opening night of the Neuse River Festival in Newbern, North Carolina, Noah met his friends Fin and Sarah for a night of games, food and fun. When he got there Fin and Sarah were talking to a girl that Noah thought was the most beautiful and intriguing girl he'd ever laid eyes on, her name was Allie. They hung out at the festival and drank some cherry Cokes until it closed, the entire time they were there Noah kept trying to ask out