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  • The Nursing Shortage

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    The Problem 2 The Causes of the Nursing Shortage 2 The Impact of the Nursing Shortage 5 Current Federal Legislation 6 Alternatives 8 Recommendations 9 Works Cited 11 The Problem Current literature continues to reiterate the indicators of a major shortage of registered nurses (RNs) in the United States. The total RN population has been increasing since 1980, which means that we have more RNs in this country than ever before (Nursing Shortage). Even though the RN population is increasing

  • Shortage of Skilled workers

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    this deepening social crisis: the shortage of skilled workers. You may have heard the topic raised on some morning show or another, but likely thought little of it. However, the figures are quite shocking. According to one author's research, '52 percent of skilled trades are expected to retire within the next 15 years, with 41 per cent of respondents indicating they will face a skills shortage in their industry within five years.'; (Arnold, par. 12). The shortage of skilled workers in the coming decade

  • Food Shortages

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    Food Shortages One of the most complex issues in the world today concerns human population. The number of people living off the earth’s resources and stressing its ecosystem has doubled in just forty years. In 1960 there were 3 billion of us; today there are 6 billion. We have no idea what maximum number of people the earth will support. Therefore, the very first question that comes into people’s mind is that are there enough food for all of us in the future? There is no answer for that. Food

  • Nurse Shortage in Saudi Arabia

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    contribute to hardening the task. Due to these issues among others, Saudi Arabia has become one of the most nurse importing countries in the world, if not the most, with over 80 percent of its nurses are non-Saudi nationals. The Shortage: To understand the Saudi shortage in nurses, one has to understand the Saudi dependence on foreign nurses. In a country as young as Saudi Arabia; going from the tribal age to the informational age in less than 70 years was and still considered a dream come true for

  • Essay On Drug Shortage

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    Section I The United States is encountering a speedily accumulative incidence of drug shortages. This has caused abundant complications for health care facilities, clinicians, their patients, and federal regulators. Drug shortages are determined to be caused by multiple factors such as, business decisions, regulatory issues, disturbances within the supply chain, difficulties in acquiring raw materials, and manufacturing issues. These problems adversely affect patient care because it causes substitutions

  • Nurse Shortage in America

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    Nurse Shortage In America There is a shortage of all health care professions throughout the United States. One shortage in particular that society should be very concerned about is the shortage of Registered Nurses. Registered Nurses make up the single largest healthcare profession in the United States. A registered nurse is a vital healthcare professional that has earned a two or four year degree and has the upper-most responsibility in providing direct patient care and staff management in a

  • Essay On Nursing Shortage

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    Nursing Shortage Affecting Both Nurse and Patient Ansu Sam York College CUNY Introduction One of the main reasons that makes patient safety goals impossible is nurse staff shortage. Nurses shortage is of primary importance, unlike many other health care professionals because of their direct interaction with susceptible patients throughout their stay in the health care settings. They track a patient’s condition continuously and are the first to know about any serious health conditions

  • Article Analysis: The Nursing Shortage

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    Article Analysis: The Nursing Shortage Nursing shortages have occurred in health care throughout history, and especially since World War II. Just as the legion of baby boomers is about to swell the need for quality health care, America's nursing population is aging and more nurses are moving into primary care settings and into other disciplines. As a result, America's hospitals and other institutions need more nurses, especially those who deliver specialized care. As a healthcare provider

  • Effects Of Nursing Shortage

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    Nursing Shortage is a problem we all should be aware of. There are many factors that may lead to a nursing shortage, such as having stressful and unsafe working environments, and our nurses are being overworked. This is a problem we should be aware of because it is affecting the patient care. Nurses would not have enough time to stay with a patient if they have more patients to worry about. Nurses play a big role in our hospitals and communities, “Nurses play significant roles in hospitals, clinics

  • Nursing Shortage In Nursing

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    The nursing shortage is currently a growing issue in The United States. The shortage began in the late 1990's. “This downsizing and shortsightedness regarding recruitment and retention contributed to the beginning of an acute shortage of RN's by the late 1990s... the current shortage has lasted longer and been more severe than any nursing experienced thus far." (Huston 2017 pg 69). As a result of advancing technology and extensive research on medicines, the average lifespan of humans has increased

  • The Phoenix, Arizona Water Shortage

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    Fact: Arizona is in a 10-year drought. Fact: The city of Phoenix has a water problem that has nothing to do with lack thereof. A hundred years ago or more humans would just drink from a river or stream, but today we need purified, cleansed, and filter water. We do, as a state have a water treatment system in place but the faculties periodically need maintenance and must be shut down to receive it. The Water Department and their puppet master Frank Fairbanks the city mangers have been playing Russian

  • Nursing Shortage Case Study

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    Is Nursing Shortage Really Faculty Shortage? Potential Solutions As the United States’ population ages and the Affordable Care Act continues to be implemented the need to address the shortage of nurses and faculty is more pressing than it ever has been. However, this is multi-dimensional problem, to get to the crux of it; one has to ask what the major contributing factors to such shortages are and what can be done to prevent them? Perhaps the most

  • The Pros And Cons Of Nursing Shortage

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    Nursing Shortage is a problem we all should be aware of. There are many factors that may lead to a nursing shortage, such as having stressful and unsafe working environments, and our nurses are being overworked. This is a problem we should be aware of because it is affecting the patient care. Nurses would not have enough time to stay with a patient if they have more patients to worry about. Nurses play a big role in our hospitals and communities, “Nurses play significant roles in hospitals, clinics

  • Shortage Of Nursing Informative Essay

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    Nurses Overworked Nurses. They are such a vital part of any hospital and in any medical offices. Their main focus is on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they can recover to perfect health. But with the constant demand, shortage staff and need for nursing, help or hurting them.  During my research, I found that some people agree that overworking nurses is okay because the hospital still thrives and that an overworked is just collateral damage. Other think that overworking nurses

  • Nursing Shortage: A Case Study

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    Financial Impact The nursing shortage in the healthcare setting, can result in decreased quality of care with the patient and this can have a significant impact on the financial aspect of the organization. As time changes, there are more acute illnesses being presented in the hospital as a result of the patient prolonging to seek medical treatment. The delay in seeking medical treatment often stems from the patient not having health insurance and seeking home remedies as an alternate method of

  • Informative Essay: The Shortage Of Nurses

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    Nurse Shortage Have you ever thought about where we put the elderly? Where do we put the old people? The question is we put them in nursing homes or hospitals, and who are the people that take care of them? Over the years the supply of nurses have decreased and we now don’t have enough nurses. This problem is called Nurse Shortage, when we have a nurse shortage more nurses work way more hours and not enough time relaxing and trying to be healthy. If nurses are working very long hours daily and never

  • The Middle East Drinking Water Shortage

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    Due to geography and population growth, the Middle East nations are faced with a growing demand for a shrinking water supply. Throughout most of the Middle East region rainfall is irregular and the rainy season is very short. The World Bank reports that this area (including North Africa) has 5% of the world’s population, but only 1% of the world’s water. Droughts have been occurring more frequently and lasting longer, warning of a bleaker future. Man himself has not helped the situation. The rivers

  • Nurse Shortage and Nurse Turn-over

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    Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn-Over Nursing is very important and dedicated profession and the need of this profession is very much increased in the society. But unfortunately there is a shortage of nurses as compared to the required need of the society and shortage has become a serious problem now. Leadership and management is the most essential skill for the profession of nursing. The development of the future of the nurses in leadership is one

  • Nurse Educator Shortage: A Case Study

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    safe, affordable medical care, the pressing issue of nursing education is not a priority (Aiken, 2011). Recently, there have been modifications taken place toward the current nursing shortage, the decrease of nursing graduates, a workforce that is becoming older, and other factors that influence nurse educator shortage (Baker, Fitzpatrick, & Griffin, 2011). Nurse educators are required to advise students, complete research, and perform committee work all while teaching (Baker, Fitzpatrick, & Griffin

  • Nursing Shortages And Patients Quality Of Care

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    Are Nursing Shortages Linked to Patients Quality of Care? In most aspects of life the saying “less is always more” may ring true; however when it comes to providing quality care to patients, less only creates problems which can lead to a decrease in patient’s quality of life as well as nurse’s satisfaction with their jobs. The massive shortage of nurses throughout the United States has gotten attention from some of the most prestigious schools, news media and political leaders. Nurses are being