Shopping Centre Essays

  • The Great Success of Out of Town Shopping Centres

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    The Great Success of Out of Town Shopping Centres Out of town shopping centres such as Meadowhall are very recent creations and did not exist 20 years ago. These shopping centres are usually built near main roads such as motorways as they are easy to access. Shopping centres such as Meadowhall are either built on Greenfield (building on farmland) or Brownfield (building on derelict industrial land) sites as the land is cheap and there is plenty of space for future expansion and car parking

  • Do new technologies of surveillance encourage self regulation

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    From the moment we leave the privacy of our own homes we are almost under constant surveillance by cameras. Closed circuit television (C.C.T.V) are deployed and monitored in town centres, shopping centres, railways and tube networks. Traffic cameras monitor car speeds and drivers compliance with red lights. Leisure centres, hospitals and universities are increasingly under the spotlight. A combination of modern video, powerful computers and telecommunication systems are capable of turning our cities

  • Cell Phones

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    Cell Phones! What Causes Mobile Phone Radiation and How Does it Effect Your Body? Why is it so popular with young teenagers today? What problems do Mobile phones cause? Walking around in school to walking around at the shopping centre with your mobile phone may seem fashionable and trendy, but did you know that it might be causing you to get a cancer and brain damage threw lost of memory? . Many mobile phone holders do not realize it and it should be something everyone should be aware of. It may

  • Nike: A Strange and Terrbile Saga

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    achievements. The only image Nike sought from association with sports mega-heroes was to be recognised as an "authentic" sports brand. "Nike is not a fashion brand", she insisted. Perhaps Ryan hasn't stood on a city street corner, or in a suburban shopping centre, to see just how much Nike gear has become part of youth culture. This is in large part due to the "street cred" that comes from being associated with the likes of the larger-than-life Michael Jordan and the outrageous "dunk-punk" Dennis Rodman

  • Ingle Farm Shopping Centre Essay

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    Executive Summary A study was completed on Ingle Farm Shopping Centre analysing its location, role, other stores competition, strengths, advantages, weaknesses and disadvantages. Research has been obtained by conducting customer surveys, websites and text books. With this research I have been able to complete this report explaining different aspects of the centre. Location & Role Ingle Farm Shopping Centre is located at the base of the Adelaide foothills. It is 14km north east of the

  • Katyi V. Eastfield Shopping Centre Case Summary

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    Kati v Eastfield Shopping Centre Introduction Kati has suffered loss and damages while her vehicle was under the liability of Eastfield Shopping Centre (ESC). Whether or not Kati can take a legal action for damages is dependent on there already being a contract between her and ESC and for ESC to have breached the contract. If so, then the main issue of concern is whether Kati will still be required to pay the administration fees as well as the repairs to her car. For Kati to be successful, ESC’s

  • Swot Analysis Of Body Shop

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    ethical issues. Being the only shop in the shopping centre that sells ecological products, has given it advantage in the local market. • Charity support - Body Shop provides financial aid in charities by giving small amount of money from particular products they sell. Body Shop’s support in local charities and non-profit organisations enhances its image in the local society. Weaknesses • Slow service – Body Shop’s location, inside a shopping centre where it is always crowded, in combination

  • Land Use Survey

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    Use Survey Aim --I am doing this survey to see how the land is used in Rotherham Town centre. --I will see which variety and types of buildings etc shops, offices, make up the main part of Rotherham and spot vacant shops and land use patterns of shops, offices etc. Hypothesis · I think that there will be a small variety of different types of shops because I think Rotherham Town centre is very small. · I think that all the big brand high street chain shops e.g. W H Smiths, will

  • History Of Baulhkam Hills

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    units or townhouses. (Census 2001) Baulkham Hills Town Centre includes Stockland Mall, The Bull 'n' Bush Hotel and a number of street shops. Baulkham Hills is the home of Norwest Business Park which is rapidly becoming the main business centre within the Hills. Norwest Business Park includes retail, commercial, industrial and hotel developments. For example Norwest Marketown, Norwest International Hotel and the Hills Christian Life Centre. Baulkham Hills is also the home to Baulkham Hills TAFE College

  • Investigating the Stability of Blocks

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    Investigating the Stability of Blocks Planning I am going to investigate the stability of blocks by placing them on to a board and raising it until they fall. The evidence I will need to collect is: the height and centre of mass for each block and the angle at which they fall. I will need to use five regular blocks, the board I will use to raise the blocks must be flat and level and likewise so must the surface I am working on. I will use my scientific knowledge of center of mass

  • Reducing Logistic Costs for Ladner Building Products

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    Reducing Logistic Costs for Ladner Building Products Introduction: Ladner is a National building materials distributor with 15-distribution centres nation wide. Recently, the company had been experiencing a loss due to high costs. This issue has become a dangerous problem at Ladner, and top management is now looking to understand the causes of this problem. Recommendations: Ladner can take one or a combination of the following options to improve its situation: - Reducing transportation

  • Transnational Networks of Support for the Zapatista Rebellion

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    stretch well back, the rebellion entered the public’s consciousness on 1 January 1994 when several thousand indigenous Mexicans, mostly Mayans, wearing ski-masks and carrying antiquated rifles and wooden sticks briefly seized several major urban centres in Chiapas, Mexico before withdrawing under pressure from the Mexican military. A cease-fire was declared on 12 January and since then the two sides have not directly fought one another. Since the cessation of hostilities, the rebellion has essentially

  • Handmaids Tale

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    The aim of the indoctrination centres is clearly shown by the quote: "Some women believed there would be no future, they thought the world would explode. That was the excuse they used, says Aunt Lydia. They said there was no sense in breeding. Aunt Lydia's nostrils narrow: such wickedness. They were lazy women, she says. They were sluts. . . . They made mistakes, says Aunt Lydia. We don't intend to repeat them. Her voice is pious, condescending, the voice of those whose duty it is to tell us unpleasant

  • The Concept of Deictic Centre

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         The concept of deictic centre Deixis deals with the words and expressions whose reference relies entirely on the circumstances of the utterance. For that reason these special expressions and their meaning in discourse can only be understood in light of these circumstances. The term deictic centre underlines that the deictic term has to relate to the situation exactly at the point where the utterance is made or the text is written. One could even say that the deictic centre is the unmarked “anchorage

  • Sweating and Heat Loss Investigation

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    a dry body. Apparatus 2 Boiling tubes 47ml max 2 Measuring jug 50ml max A Beaker 250ml max 2 thermometers Paper towels A kettle to boil water A stopwatch 2 magnifying glasses (8x) 2 corks with a small hole through the centre A test tube rack Preliminary work In my preliminary work, I need to find out how much water to use, whether the tissue should be wet with hot/cold water, how often the readings should be taken, how accurate should the readings be, how

  • Suburbanization and the Social Use of Television

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    Kunstler identifies the reasons for, and attraction of, a grand public relocation to previously uninhabited areas outside main city centres. Kunstler argues that it was, in part, the replacement of the streetcar (or trolley), and later the automobile, from the horse-powered transit of earlier 20th century life, that ignited weekend traffic to expand outside urban centres. "Joyriding" on weekends, as Kunstler explains, made suburban areas more accessible and attractive. Suburban areas often hosted

  • Looking For Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

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    Looking for Alibrandi is a passionate story about a young girl's painful and enlightening journey into adulthood. The story centres around Josephine Alibrandi - an agressive, disatisfied, and confused final year student of Italian extraction. She has one burning ambition: to find her place in affluent society and to break free from her embarassing, stifling italian family. As the story progresses, Josephine discovers a vital truth through tragic circumstances. She comes to realize that the

  • Rivalry In A Separate Peace

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    protect themselves from having pain inflicted on them by others, and achieving their goals and desires without the interference of others. This concept of man's inhumanity to man is developed in A Separate Peace as the primary conflict in the novel centres on the main character, Gene, and his inner-battles with feelings of jealousy, paranoia, and inability to understand his relationship with his best friend Phineas. Competition is further demonstrated by the occurrence of World War II. It is shown that

  • The Great Gatsby Movie Review

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    cool as usual, not shedding a drop of sweat. In addition Mia Farrow develops Daisy's flighty character nicely, and she makes you love her but hate her at the same time very well. Another aspect of the film I found impeccable was the scenery, which centres on the lives of America’s decadent and spoiled. The scenery presents the idea that they have money than they need and they can do whatever they want whenever they want. Their scenery is a recreation of European historical grandeur, a fact that the

  • The Development of the Centre for Migration Studies Irish Emigration Database

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    of the Centre for Migration Studies Irish Emigration Database In 1988 the Ulster American Folk Park (UAFP) near Omagh in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland began to set up a computerised Irish Emigration Database (IED) in its library. This was a ground-breaking project at that time and was immediately beset by problems of all kinds, the details of which will be explained later. By 1997 the Folk Park’s library had expanded to become the Centre for Emigration Studies and eventually the Centre for Migration