The Legend of the Haunted Ship

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603 words

Once upon a time, in Manitowoc, WI, there was a ship that had been in WWII, and needless to say, it was more than something to be freaked out about. This ship was over 50 years old, it had algae all over the exterior of the ship. The metal on it was all rusted out, to put kindly, it was a mess. Rob Lawrence, a professional ship tourist was in the area to check this boat out, not only for the history of it, but for the supernatural disturbances he has been informed about. Rob and his partner, George Clooney, took this mission with great intention to find the supernatural being and to explore the ship of it’s amazing nature. Rob was your average joe, if your average joe was into WWII ships. He had an athletic look to him, professional. Mid 30’s, he was full of curiosity and was ready to explore this “haunted” vessel. As for his friend, George, he was the looker. He was the handsome, smart, mid aged man that always hoped to become famous and get his own TV show. Like Rob, he was adventurous, not afraid of anything, although, you have to be when they accepted this case.
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In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how rob lawrence, a professional ship tourist, and his partner, george clooney, took this mission with great intention to find the supernatural being and explore the ship of its amazing nature.
  • Narrates how george flips open the chest, the ships start to rock, and rob drops the flashlight and sees a man-dog like figure. it quickly dashes towards rob and swats his head right off his shoulders.
  • Narrates how rob and his partner arrived at the boat dock where the ship was located. they collected over 20 pictures and were ready to leave.
  • Narrates how george and rob return to the ship and go back to where the used-to-be door was. george opens the cutout and the door crumbles apart.
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