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  • The Shia Islam

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    The Shia represents the second largest piece of Islam after Sunni Islam and is approximately fifteen to twenty-five percent of Muslims worldwide. Adherent of the Shia Islam are the Shi’ites or Shias. The Shia consists of one major way of thinking known as the Jafaryia or the “Twelvers,” and a few minor ways of thinking (Syed). These names all refer to the number of religious leaders they recognize after the death of Muhammad. The term Shia is usually meant to be synonymous with the Jafaryia/Twelvers

  • Heinz Halms "Shia Islam: from Religion to Revolution"

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    “Shi’a Islam: From Religion to Revolution” In his 176-page volume, the leading German Islamist, Heinz Halm is able to trace the roots of the Iranian Revolution back throughout the history of the Shi’ism. Contrary to many western thinkers and Iranian militants, Halm feels as though Shi’i Islam’s character was not inherently revolutionary, but that the transition to revolution marked a milestone and a watershed in the history of Shi’i thought and history. The title of his book, “Shi’a Islam: From

  • Zahra's Paradise

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    The aftermath of 2009 Iranian presidential election is been highlighted in a comic novel called Zahra’s Paradise. The story begins on June 16, 2009, right after the elections protests begin. It is the story of a 19 year old boy called Mehdi. He’s been disappeared in the early days of Iranian regime’s crackdown of post presidential election demonstrators. Hassan, Mehdi’s brother, who is a blogger narrates the story of him and his mother’s search for Mehdi. The book shows their struggle for finding

  • Sunni-Shiite Conflict

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    The Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam have been feuding for hundreds of years dating back to the beginning of the Islamic religion. The deity or god of the Sunnis is Allah. The Sunni branch of Islam is the larger of the two branches with over 80% of the Muslim population. The Sunni are the majority in most of the countries that have Islamic followers. There are a few different translations of what Sunna stands for, one of which is “Habitual Practice.” The differences between the two branches can

  • The Rise and Fall of Muslim Empires

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    fall of Muslim empires. Muslim kingdoms flourished in a cultural, social, religious, political, and intellectual aspect in their time periods, due to Thanks in large part to religious and political conflict between Muslims, whether they be Sunni or Shia, Identify the major periods and empires in Islamic History. You must use at least two academic (non-digital) sources. For each of these periods or empires, you must identify the dates, major locations, major leaders, and major events. You must identify

  • Middle Eastern Culture

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    have always been a wonder to the Europeans, dating back to the years before the advent of Islam and the years following the Arab conquest. Today, the Islamic world spreads from the corners of the Philippines to the far edges of Spain and Central Africa. Various cultures have adopted the Islamic faith, and this blending of many different cultures has strengthened the universal Islamic culture. The religion of Islam has provided a new meaning to the lives of many people around the world. In the Islamic

  • Accounting And Islamic Accounting

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    Definition of Accounting: The accounting process refers to reporting, analyzing and summarizing transactions in order to prepare financial statements to the stockholders or creditors in order to help them to invest in an organization. The increasing demand of new accounting process that recognize the Islamic financial transactions, Islamic accounting has been established besides the covenantal accounting. The most common type of accounting processes is the covenantal accounting. Covenantal accounting

  • Tahtawi Stay In Paris

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    What comes to mind when you hear “imam?” Maybe a boisterous bearded man screaming from his pulpit or a pious, humble servant to his community, but surely not a student science. Wrong! An Imam in Paris is a firsthand account of Imam al-Tahtawi’s stay in Paris. Tahtawi, an Egyptian cleric, is commissioned by Muhammad Ali (the ruler, not the boxer) to collect and translate scientific works. During his time in Paris, Tahtawi observes the scientific advancements happening in France as well as culture

  • Emotional Intensity in Shirin Neshat's Black and White Photography, Speechless

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    deep sorrow. The gun may look like a vicious circle, but when we get closer we realise that it is a gun, which symbolizes the social violence used against this suppressed woman. The geometric forms emphasize the perspectival ideology about women in Islam. The gun is simply interpreted power, and essentials of protection that makes a connection between freedom and oppression that was a major conflict with Neshat’s real life. The waves of the black cloth show a part of her veil, still the darkness makes

  • Spread Of Islam Research Paper

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    Since ancient Sufism has gathered a lot of mist around them. It is a diverted sect of Islam, far beyond the parameters of true Islamic beliefs and teachings. Sufism is known for the element of inner mystical dimension of inner truth and divine love, losing oneself and being connected with the unseen ( Sanyal, 2005). Sufism also known as Tasawwuf is further divide into many groups called Tareeqahs. In late 19th century Colonial India had seen various reforms and movements for Independence from British

  • Monologue On Why I Shouldn T Be Banned

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  • Why Do Sunni and Shiite Muslims Fight?

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    The fights among Sunni and Shia or Shiite Muslims has been a historical mastery that covered by political authorities. These authorities want to keep up the huge split among Muslims for politician reasons and minor disagreements of Islamic understanding. Therefore, the whole world notes the conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslim which have caused the death of millions sine the begging of the conflict. The first article discussed the begging of Islamic religion that was founded by Prophet Mohammed

  • The Religion of Islam

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    Islam is a religion of peace. There are 5 pillars of Islam, which are mandatory. The five pillars are, Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, and Hajj, I will define the five pillars now. 1. Shahadah: Beleiving that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad [peace be upon him] is his last messenger. 2. Salat: It is the prayers Muslims offer five times a day, Fajr, zuhr, asr, maghrib and Isha. 3. Zakat: It is to give 2.5% annually of one’s savings to the needy people. 4. Sawm: Fasting during the month of Ramadan

  • Religious Practices: A True Religion in Afghanistan

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    Afghanistan has an immense amount of history behind it and some of that history had just recently occurred. Islam is the number one religion in Afghanistan; in fact, 99% of people in the Afghanistan region are religious and not just any religion Islamic religion, and the other 1% are less practiced religions. Islam has two main types of sub-divisions, the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Muslims. Both practice Islam, but have totally different opinions on how to worship the Islamic god. Opinions so different that

  • Rise Of Islam Dbq

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    world of Islam took place in Mecca where Muhammad was born in 570 CE. He became known as “the Prophet,” he was meant to be God’s final prophet. The main two groups of Islam are the Shia and Sunni; which they were created after Muhammad’s death. The Islam religion as There were two men that wanted to be the first caliph (successor) of Muhammad. The first man, named Abu Bakr, many people believed he was a good candidate because he was an old friend and was one of the first ones to convert to Islam. Yet

  • Shia and Sunni Conflict in Iraq Politics

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    Iraq’s population is Shia Muslim, thirty-three percent is Sunni Muslim (Lunde, 2002). For the past five centuries the minority, Sunni Muslims, have held political power in Iraq. It was not until recently that the majority, the Shia Muslims, was able to experience political power. The tensions between Sunni and Shia in Iraq are not due to religious differences formed after Muhammad’s death 1,382 years ago and are not inevitable, as proven by the relationships between Sunni and Shia in other countries

  • The Sunni Shia Conflict

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    Sunni Shia Conflict Syria is currently all over the news regarding what many have to come to see as a civil war. A term like civil war needs to identify the players and the reasons for the war. In this case the players are being identified as pro government or antigovernment with a Sunni or Shia overtone. Sunni and Shia are the two major sects of Islam and both have a historical based conflict going back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad and how Muslims should be governed. This conflict has caused

  • The Beliefs Of Prophet Muhammad And Sunni Islam

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    beings, where they will be questioned about beliefs and committed actions. However in all religions, there are differences. In Islam there are two main denominations, Shia and Sunni. The largest denomination of the two sects of religion is Sunni Islam. It began when the prophet passed away in the beginning of the 7thcentury, where the prophet left behind the religion of Islam but also the Muslims organized as an Islamic government. It was the question of who would prosper and lead the Islamic state

  • Essay On Shia Ideology

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    The Differences Sunni and Shia Ideology Thesis: The Sunni and Shia ideology in terms of the concept of imamate, their believe on al-Quran and Hadith and the successor of the leadership after the death of the prophet Muhammad i. Sunni and Shia ideology in terms of the concept imamate. A. The appointment of shall be the duty of human priest or God? 1. Sunni a) They stated that the selection of imam is the responsibility among Muslim and it is not duty of God. b) The Sunni say believe in imams excluding

  • The Shiat Ali Or The Party Of Ali

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    prophet? The majority of Prophet Muhammad 's followers encouraged the large community of Muslims to determine who would become his successor. Accordingly to Gregory Gause a group of Shia Muslims believed that someone from Muhammad’s family should become the new Prophet. In the early years of Islamic history, the Shia had been just a movement known as the Shiat Ali or the Party of Ali. They claimed that