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  • The American Savior

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    The American Savior GRAHAM This story takes place in America at about 222B.C. It is about two friends who are torn apart by a young, and beautiful girl whose name is Kigan. Samuel, but was also known as Sam because all of his friends called him Sam for short. Sam was born in Thorton to Solomon and his wife but No one knows her name because Solomon was said to be With more than one woman at a time. Samuel grew up with Miracle, now you might wonder Where Miracle got such a name, Miracle got

  • Unlikely Savior

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    Unlikely Savior If people were asked to describe a judge or leader for the Israelites, imaginations might conjure up a pious, older man paying strict adherence to the Mosaic laws and Codes of his people. One would not call to mind a young man with superhuman strength who drinks, fights, gambles and goes whoring whenever the spirit moves him. Samson fits the latter description, a very unlikely vessel for the Holy Spirit. Even more remarkable is the realization that Samson was exactly the

  • Science as Savior and Destroyer in The Victorian Age

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    Science as Savior and Destroyer in The Victorian Age “The Victorian age was first and foremost an age of transition.  The England that had once been a feudal and agricultural society was transformed into an industrial democracy” (Mitchell, xiv).  Just about every aspect of Victorian daily life, from education to cooking to religion and politics, was changing.  “The Victorian age in English Literature is known for its earnest obedience to a moralistic and highly

  • Anti-Conquest: Civilization’s would-be Savior

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    Anti-Conquest: Civilization’s would-be Savior Starting with the publication of Sir Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica, Europe thought of itself as a supremely rational people who could ultimately conquer the world around them with nothing more than the vaulting powers of their own reason. Indeed, this attitude would dominate European thought for centuries. Working under this ethos, Europe built up a massive colonial empire and realized the dream that was global hegemony. In many tangible

  • The Man Who Died by D.H. Lawrence - A Blasphemous Work

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    attempts in depicting a Jesus diversified from the biblical Jesus. Although the novella does not refer to Jesus’ name itself, it is conspicuous throughout the short story that the man who died is in fact the messiah. The novella commences with the savior resurrecting into life after a “long sleep”, referring to the messiah’s execution. As the novella progresses, Jesus revolutionizes into a mundane human being repudiating his former lifestyle. Throughout the novella, the reader sees a Jesus that is

  • Macbeth and Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

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    Similarities between Macbeth, of Shakespeare's Macbeth, and Augustus, of Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym In literature, when the natural order becomes skewed, a character may die to restore order.  Often, there is a savior who sacrifices his or her life so that other characters might live.  In "Macbeth," after the king is assassinated, the balance is disturbed.  "The night has been unruly: where we lay, Our chimneys were blown down; and, as they say,  Lamentings heard I'th'air; strange screams

  • The Power Of The Savior

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    B.) Storms make known the power of the savior (Matthew 28:18) When the savior shows up He comes with all power and Authority in His hands. He can deliver us from any and every storm and we can lay hold of the almighty power of God 's presence by simply calling on Him. Psalm 50:15 says, “then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.” The power of the savior reminds us that He is in control and desires to rescue us, and this expresses His Power because

  • Who is the Living Christ of Mormonism?

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    not the Jesus of the Bible. She was overtaken by such a statement, incredulous that such a comment could be made. "How can that be?" she said. "There is only one Jesus!" It would seem reasonable that if the one to whom Mormons call "the Savior" is in fact the Savior of Scripture, it should be easy to take what the Bible has to say about Jesus and then compare this with what Mormons leaders have said. Logic would demand that the two descriptions should parallel. However, this is where the problem lies

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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    secret until after you have become a member. It is also said that they are not Christian because they use The Book of Mormon instead of the Bible. Cults that are formed today do not believe in Jesus Christ as the savior. Christian churches are the only ones that claim Jesus to be the savior. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was founded around 1850. If a cult had any intentions to undermine the beliefs of other religions, lead people to kill themselves or others, and turn people away

  • It’s Time to Take the Christ Out of Christmas

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    renewal, but the Christians preached renunciation, sacrifice, and concern for the next world, not this one. As Cotton Mather, an 18th-century clergyman, put it: "Can you in your consciences think that our Holy Savior is honored by mirth? . . . Shall it be said that at the birth of our Savior . . . we take time . . . to do actions that have much more of hell than of heaven in them?" Then came the major developments of 19th-century capitalism: industrialization, urbanization, the triumph of science--all