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Air Pollution in Saudi Arabia + Outline
Globally, Saudi Arabia is ranked 5th in air pollution (Taha n.p). The world health organization ranks Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh behind New Delhi, Lahore, Ulan and Ahvaz. Ahvaz, is the worst affected by air pollution. A point to record is that most of these countries are within the Middle East and most of them are involved in oil production. In addition, Mexico City, Beijing and Moscow have also been reported to be among the highly polluted cities across the globe. This being the situation, in Saudi Arabia the authorities are trying to counter the air pollution by all means. However, the process has faced a lot challenges. The basic reason why challenges have continued to persist in the process of cleaning the air is because the sources of this pollution are not known with clarity. On March after the release of the World Health Organization report ranking Riyadh 5th in air pollution, Prince Khalid bin Bandar, the Riyadh governor, established a committee that was to look into the causes of this pollution (Taha n.p). In the same regard, the research of this paper looks into the causes of pollution not only in Riyadh, but also in the rest part of Saudi Arabia. This research also looks onto the impacts of the air pollution in Saudi Arabia then checks the measures being put in place by the Arabia government to counter contamination of the atmosphere.
Causes of air pollution in Saudi Arabia are both natural and others result from human activity. Others are from another country (Breysse et al. 80). One of the major causes of air pollution in Saudi Arabia is the climatic condition of this country. Naturally, Saudi Arabia receives low rainfall precipitation and occasional strong winds. Thes...

... middle of paper ... of air pollution are both natural and man-made. For man-made causes, the government use policies to regulate and ensure emission is at minimum. However, for the natural causes, the government uses expertise to clean the atmosphere (Breysse et al. 81). In this regard, the Saudi Arabian government uses scientific renewable means like solar technology to reduce dependence on burning of petroleum.
In conclusion, Saudi Arabia’s atmosphere is contaminated. This has been due to several causes including man-made activities and natural topology and climate of Saudi Arabia. The impact of a polluted atmosphere has been devastating, especially in terms of health of the people of Saudi Arabia. The government of Saudi Arabia recognizes this problem and is in the business of trying out all methods possible to both clean and minimize the dangerous gas emission to the atmosphere.

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