Radioactive decay Essays

  • Modeling a Sample of Radioactive Decay on Material Using Dice

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    Modeling a Sample of Radioactive Decay on Material Using Dice Aim: To model the sample of radioactivity decay on material, using dice. Method: To use 600 dice and roll them up to the decided throw number of 14. This is going to be used as an example to show how the decaying of radioactive material works. Results: A results table for the number of dice remaining graph: Throw number Number of dice remaining Average 1 84 83 90 90 79 82 84.6 2 72

  • Isotopes Essay

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    Radioactive isotope dating techniques use present day processes as well as rates of processes to interpret past conditions and infer patterns of distribution and climate change and geology to past events. Techniques used to measure and reconstruct palaeoenvironmental records/frameworks depend on the material (proxy) that is preserved and the events that occurred when it became fossilized. There are radioactive properties in different materials, contained within them there are natural time signals

  • Essay On Atomic Battery

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    systems, electric automobiles, and remote monitoring systems” (source 6), the atomic battery has existed for over a century and is growing to benefit our world. The atomic battery generates electricity from a nuclear reaction, utilizing the radioactive decay of specific elements. The atomic battery is certainly not meant for households or as a source of common battery use, but rather powerful equipment needing to run for long, extended periods. Atomic batteries are quite expensive, but can provide

  • Henri Becquerel: The Definition Of Radiation

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    The definition of radiation is the emission of energy electromagnetic waves or as moving subatomic particles, especially high-energy particles that cause ionization. One of the scientist who discovered radiation was Henri Becquerel, the way the French scientist discovered radioactivity was when we was conducting an experiment with uranium-bearing crystals to sun light, then put it on a photographic plate, he then had set off his experiment for a few days because it was very cloudy and the sun wasn’t

  • chemistry

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    have. Gamma radiation can penerate through most materials including skin, it can travel very deep in human tissues as well. Gamma radiation has abosolutly no mass and is able to travle in the speed of light. It is very fast and very strong. When radioactive materials release gamma radiation it can be both externally and internally hazards for humans. That is why many preganant women do not take a lot of X-rays. It can be harmful for the fetus inside. The radiation that comes from these rays can cause

  • Radon Research Paper

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    temperature. “Radon was discovered by Friedrich Ernst Dorn, a German chemist, in 1900 while studying radium’s decay chain” (Facts About Radon). It was originally named niton before it became radon officially known as radon in 1923. “Radon is still primarily obtained through the decay of radium” (Facts About Radon). “At normal room temperatures, radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas” (Facts About Radon). With radon being a gas, it can easily be inhaled and living tissue can be directly exposed

  • Dating Methods

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    isotopes are radioactive, meaning that they give of radiation in either alpha or beta form, as they de... ... middle of paper ... ... has a half-life. C14 is the radioactive isotope of rearular carbon, c12. The cocentration of C14 in the body is one billionth of a gram in the body to one gram of C12. This C14 is contantly decaying, but through animals and plants breathing it is replenashed when an organism is alive. When the animal dies the C14 intake stops and a decay that is not

  • Ernest Rutherford

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    description of measures in a period of a hundred-thousandth of a second. Invented a detector for electromagnetic waves. Worked with his ... ... middle of paper ... ...ray, beta and gamma rays. He also worked on the rate of decay of uranium atoms, which led to the development of radioactive dating. Prizes Even though Ernest Rutherford was one of the most prominent scientist of his generation he was not greatly awarded. In 1900 he was elected fellow of the royal society of Canada, and three years later he

  • Radioactivity Essay

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    beta or gamma radiation. When a positively-charged particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom, this is called alpha decay. This alpha particle would consist of two protons and two neutrons, similar to a helium-4 nucleus. Whereas when a particle, either as an electron with either negative or positive charge, is emitted from the nucleus, this would be known as beta decay. And finally, when a nucleus is at a high energy state, photons known as gamma particles would be released to lower the energy

  • Argumentative Essay On Radiometric Dating

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    of age and, this date and radiometric dating is accurate. However, over the years scientists have been proven incorrect. Radiometric dating is inaccurate because scientists assume the specimen’s initial conditions of accurately known, the rate of decay or half- life is constant, and the specimen has no contaminations. All of the factors can

  • Exploring Earth Creationist Claims for the Age of the Earth

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    element. Some of these isotopes are stable, while others are not. These unstable isotopes radioactively decay to more stable, often lighter elements, called daughter atoms, thereby releasing energy in the form of high-energy particles or electromagnetic waves. A particular isotope will have a characteristic half-life, based on the time that it takes for half of the population of the isotope to decay into the daughter elements.

  • Plutonium Discovered more Harmful than Uranium

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    to think that uranium was the most dangerous element on the periodic table a few decades ago, scientists have now discovered a more lethal element. Plutonium, Pu, element 94 on the periodic table is a transuranic radioactive chemical element; meaning it emits excess energy when it decays. Many previous studies on transuranic elements discovered uranium as the most deadly. Plutonium, recently reviewed by scientists, has also been found to emit alpha radiation, a highly hazardous type which is also

  • Nuclear Chemistry

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    neutrons. However, the formed nuclei may still be radioactive in which even further decay will occur. Alpha emissions occur in nuclei with atomic numbers greater than 83. E.g 23892U  42He + 23490Th (both mass and No. of protons are conserved during the reaction) Beta radiation/emission – Beta particles are electrons (0-1e) that have been released from the nucleus of a radioactive atom when a neutron decays into a proton and electron. Beta decay/emission happens when the neutron to proton ratio

  • Technetium

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    Technetium is a silver-gray radioactive element and it is located in the D-block with an atomic number of 43. Most of the Tc-99 is produced synthetically, where natural occurrences of the element are rarely formed by fission in uranium in the crust of the earth. Tc-99 is the most common isotope with a radioactive half-life of 212,000 years and it can mainly be found in nuclear reactors. Technetium was originally discovered by three german chemists, Ida Noddack-Tacke, Walter Noddack and Otto Berg

  • Nuclear Energy: Are the Benefits Worth the Risk?

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    Nuclear energy has, for some time, been a controversial issue. With incidents like that of Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and the more recent complications caused by the earthquake and tsunami Fukushima reactors in Japan, concern about the safety of nuclear energy has become a major issue. A lot of this concern probably exists because of a lack of information and education about both radiation and its effects. It is my belief that nuclear power is no less safe than any other form of energy generation

  • Usage of Radioisotopes in Medicine

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    Uses of Technetium Technetium-99m is the single most important radioactive isotope used for medical diagnostic studies. It accounts for nearly 85% of all diagnostic imaging procedures in nuclear medicine. In this application, the radionuclide is chemically attached to a drug chosen for its tendency to collect in a specific organ of the body, and this solution which is your tracer, is then injected into the patient. After a short time, an image can be collected using a radiosensitive detector such

  • Informative Essay On Radiotherapy

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    There are many uses for radioactive substances. In the medical world, there are a number of health care processes that make use of the properties of the nucleus. This is also known as Nuclear medicine ("Nuclear Medicine"). In this essay, we will be looking at a particular nuclear medical treatment; we will be looking at radiotherapy. Radiation therapy usually refers to the ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is mostly used in oncology, but it can be used for other purposes such as ionizing an

  • Arguments Against Young Earth Creationism

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    Radiometric dating as stated by Dr. Roger C. Wiens is “the process of determining the age of rocks from the decay of their radioactive elements”. This works through something called the half life of radioactive materials. The half life of radioactive materials is the amount of time it takes for radioactivity to fall to half of its original value. In simple terms, they measure how much a radioactive material has decayed and they get the age from that. Adaptation is similar to one of the four parts of natural

  • Radiation Therapy Lab Report

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    Ionizing radiation is produced through the products of radioactive decay. Directly ionization radiation includes alpha decay and beta decay products. Alpha decay occurs when an unstable nucleus emits an alpha particle (also known as a helium nucleus) in order to produce a more stable atom according to: (_Z^A)X → (_Z-2^(A-4))Y+ (_2^4)He There are two types of beta decay; beta minus and beta plus decay (or positron decay). In beta minus decay, a neutron is converted to a proton while an electron

  • Barium-137m Half Life

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    of the nuclei, this is to determine the half-life of the radioisotope. Barium-137m releases gamma rays, therefore, the nuclear decay equation will be Barium-137m → Barium-137 + (Y) Where (Y) will have no charge or mass. The radiation emitted is gamma and has ionize radiation