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  • Shariah Financial System: An Alternative Lifeline for the Less Privileged Farmers?

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    SHARIAH FINANCIAL SYSTEM: AN ALTERNATIVE LIFELINE FOR THE LESS-PRIVILEGED FARMERS? It is already indubitable that most farmers are trapped in the vicious labyrinth of perpetual poverty. Due to their depressed conditions, many of them consider farming as just a hand-to-mouth existence, or perhaps their decisions to stay on and take farming as a livelihood could also mean a number of things – perseverance, resilience and/or resignation. The farmers are poor because the economic activity that

  • College Sports - Todays Athletes are Privileged Perverts, Rapists, Thieves, and Liars

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    College Athletes - Privileged Perverts, Rapists, Thieves, Frauds, and Liars In America today athletic events play an important role in the reflective perception and financial standing of any given community. It is for this reason that the individuals involved in these events are also of significance to the community. Due to the esteemed and very influential role placed on athletes they are often times given privileges that would not normally be given to them if they were not athletes. These

  • Causes of the French Revolution

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    Causes of the French Revolution The French Revolution was essentially a class war between the emerging Bourgeoisie against the Privileged class, this meant they saw the Privileged class as the only hurdle between themselves and equality within French society. Many of the ideas they pursued stemmed from the enlightenment and they believed that in order to gain their full economic, social and political potential and gain equality, the Bourgeoisie had to eradicate the privileges that were halting

  • Wealthy Nations Have A Moral Obligation to Educate Poor Nations

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    century will be the correction of the vast and undeniable imbalance of the possession and consumption of the world’s material, economic, and cultural resources. In this paper, I will argue that the primary long-term moral obligation the world’s over-privileged have to the underprivileged is to provide those in need with the means necessary to develop a foundation for fair future interactions. This will lead to the idea that a necessary part of the long-term obligation to the underprivileged, in addition

  • Queering privilege

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    Queering privilege In any groups’ struggle against injustice, a glint of jealousy and bitterness seems to accompany thoughts of the oppressor and those positioned in places of privileged within structures of domination. Generally it is acknowledged that there are no simple scapegoats upon whom to unequivocally level blame for all the world’s maladies, tempting as finding and accosting such a character is. Despite the growing willingness to let go of old myths of directly responsible villains

  • Reaching Up for Manhood

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    Reaching Up for Manhood Under-privileged, African-American boys are more prevalent in today's society than the typical person would like to recognize or admit. These boys seem to be faced with an ideal in which they need to follow or conform to as any and all cultures have. However, the problem is that for these boys, this ideal or way of living is believed to be met. Black boys growing up in Harlem are expected to act tough, not take any crap from anybody, and always seem to be strong no matter

  • Wedding Speech by the Bride

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    the only ones missing. To dad and mom, thank you for your love, support and care over the last twenty-eight years and also for the generous financial contribution toward this wedding that helped us push the boat out a little further. I feel privileged to be sharing our day with most of the friends and family who have been so important to us. Many of you have traveled from afar: Australia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Singapore, Germany, the UK, and some of you have had to take time off work to be here

  • Nanotechnology

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    causes the wealthy citizen or phyle to take for granted what they have so well. Such things include the best education, the nicest material possessions, inheritance, and even responsibility. However, what if that same technology that made the privileged, the privileged, was given to the masses, rich or poor, with the tools and talents to implement such technology? In a sense, making that same power that the upper class took for granted a great equalizer for society to play around with. This is w...

  • My Philippine Identity

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    and insult it because we were luckily born into the advantageous class, and we had these "right elements" accessible to us. If we became tired of the society we could complain about it or excommunicate ourselves, but since we were considered the "privileged class" we could always return and the level of respect would still be there. We were in a no lose situation in this respect. The Philippine society consists of distinct class systems which depend, number one, on the family background of a person

  • Time For Americans To Be A Family

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    leaving destruction and chaos in its wake. The English language is being transmogrified to quell and satisfy members of the American society who feel they should somehow, be special; apart from our citizenry. Thus my confusion. I've been called a privileged white-boy by some, honky by others, and cracker by others still. All this because I grew up in a middle class family in Toledo, Ohio? I've never considered myself to be anything special, certainly never superior to anyone or anything by virtue of