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  • Blind Conformity: Malcolm X

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    Blind Conformity: Malcolm X In today's world it is often difficult to adjust to one type of lifestyle or another. The constant bombardment of outside opinions hamper our ability, as humans, to choose and be comfortable with a certain way of living. Our way of living may consist of a look, a way of thinking, a religion, or any facet of our personalities that may not conform with whatever is the norm or the accepted at a given time. When this is the case, we sometimes feel forced to change

  • Language in Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman

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    Language in Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman The popular saying "actions speak louder than words" is upended in Amiri Baraka's play, The Dutchman, where words, or in this case language, speaks louder than the actions of the characters, Lula and Clay. Language governs the characters and their actions, and is therefore a prominent feature in shaping the identities of Lula and Clay. In the play, Baraka conveys the significance of Lula and Clay being enabled to change their identities by a simple change

  • Character Analysis Of The Green Mile

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    The Green Mile starts off with cotton fields which ironically represents what Coffey was treated as. Coffey comes into the prison as a man with not a whole lot of money as a sharecropper or a migrant worker. Coffey’s black male stereotype represents what slaves were taught to be uneducated, dumb, but strong to do all the labor work. Coffey appears to never wear shoes and has jean overalls with holes in it. He also has markings that look like whip marks on his arm. Coffey suffers and is in a constant

  • Interpreting Drozd's 'Lady in Blue': A Analysis

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    Formal Analysis of Lady in Blue Beata Drozd’s piece, titled Lady in Blue, shows a figure, split in two, with one half black and one white. It was created in 2014 for the exhibit i found god in myself; the 40th anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls. i found god in myself originally debuted at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, in Harlem, New York, but is currently at the African American Museum in Philadelphia. The piece, which is quite large, is a collage on canvas

  • You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important.

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    The novel, “The Help”, was made into a movie in 2011 which was written and directed by Tate Taylor. The author, Kathryn Stockett, was part of the civil rights movement in 1960. Stockett decided to write the novel so that her readers as well as the movie audience could get an idea of what life was like during such a remarkable era. Throughout the movie there are examples of cultural differences, interpersonal communication, cultural dimension, listening, biases, prejudice, lies, and cultural sensitivity

  • How Is Tom Robinson Real In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee tells the story of Scout and her brother Jem, where they live in a small and peaceful town of Maycomb, Alabama. Throughout the novel you see as Jem and Scout “grow up” as they see racial tensions and segregation in their town. Their father, Atticus is a lawyer and he's defending a client, Tom Robinson, who's been accused of raping a white woman Mayella Ewell. Throughout the book Scout loses all the innocence that she had before the trial as she was exposed to the

  • Themes of Honor and Shame in Invisible Man

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    EXECUTE SHAME GENTLY Invisible Man is a novel by Ralph Ellison, addressing many social and moral issues regarding African-American identity, including the inside of the interaction between the white and the black. His novel was written in a time, that black people were treated like degraded livings by the white in the Southern America and his main character is chosen from that region. In this figurative novel he meets many people during his trip to the North, where the black is allowed more freedom

  • Bell Hooks Feminist Theory Analysis

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    In her novel called “Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center” one of the many areas bell hooks speaks of is the perpetual racial confinement of oppressed black women. The term double-bind comes to mind when she says “being oppressed means the absence of choices” (hooks 5). The double-bind is “circumstances in which choices are condensed to a few and every choice leads to segregation, fault or denial” Therefore, this essay will discuss how hooks’ definition of oppression demonstrates the double-bind

  • Theme Of Rat Metaphor In Native Son By Richard Wright

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    In Richard Wright’s Native Son, “rat metaphor” is referring to the opening scene of in which Bigger’s mother catches sight of a rat running around in their family bedroom. The mother shrieks in fear, and demands that Bigger kill it. Bigger chases the rat around the room with a skillet, skillfully dodging the rat’s feeble attempts at attacking Bigger, until finally he through the skillet and struck the rat dead. The entire passage is dramatic, with detailed descriptions on the rat’s movements and

  • Analysis Of Claude M. Steele's Whistling Vivaldi

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    Claude M. Steele is the author of “ Whistling Vivaldi”, which mainly represents that the meaning of identity contingencies and stereotype threat, and how can these effect people’s ideas and behaviors. By writing this article, Steele tries to make people know exist of identity contingencies. Gina Crosley-Corcoran, who is a white woman suffered the poverty in her childhood. Through describing her miserable experiences in parallel construction to motivate readers sympathize her, moreover approving that

  • Mindset Quotes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    Defying a mindset set in place by society can have as much weight as breaking a law does. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, society’s mindsets come into play a lot. When Mayella Ewell kissed Tom Robinson it was seen as an immense violation even though this violation was not an actual crime. Mindsets set in place by society cause people to make atrocious decisions because they are afraid of what will happen if they go against society; society is a monstrous controlling factor in our world and

  • Childhood In Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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    In the book titled, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” written by Maya Angelou, Maya recalls her childhood throughout her teenage years. Maya who is an African American goes through many difficult situations that make her feel unworthy of herself, and learns that there is more to beauty then being just white. At a young age Maya’s parents’ divorce and send her with her brother Bailey to go live with their grandmother and disabled Uncle Willie in Stamps. Their Maya feels more shameful of being white

  • An Analysis Of Historical Influences In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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    Historical influences in To Kill a Mockingbird The Great Depression was a time where people had to make the best of what they had (McCabe 13). Many historical events that happened in the 1930’s inspired Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The Jim Crow laws, mob mentality, and racism show up many times throughout the book. The first influence on Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is the Jim Crow laws. The Jim Crow Laws are unfair laws to keep Whites superior over Blacks. The Blacks and

  • Slavery in the Movie The Help

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    The term “The Help” according to means the action of helping someone to do something. Which refers to the duty of a person that helps keep a household clean and organized. Back when racism was still openly accepted by society, black women were the only candidates available for this type of job, because it was very difficult for them to find jobs. The job of being “The Help” in the house for rich white folks includes taking care of the kids, the house, and worry about preparing 3

  • Analysis Of Ain T I A Woman

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    Sojourner Truth’s speech entitled “Ain’t I A Woman?” became popular for its honest and raw confrontation on the injustices she experienced both as a woman and an African-American. The speech was given during a women’s rights convention held in Akron, Ohio in May 1851 and addressed many women’s rights activists present (Marable and Mullings, 66). Sojourner began her speech by pointing out the irrational expectations men have of women and contrasting them to her own experiences. She exclaims that a

  • The Theme Of White Man's Burden

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    White Man’s Burden This movie is a story about societal race reversal. Everything, as we know the world to be is changed. Instead of White People being in control with the wealth and power, the world is opposite. Black people are the majority and control all of the wealth and power. White people are the oppressed race of people and prejudice is placed upon them. It begins with an elitist; Thadeus played by (Harry Belafonte who at a dinner party held at his home, says white people are genetically

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

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    Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is a fictional story in which a black man is accused of a crime against the daughter of one of the most hateful, racist men in all of Maycomb, Alabama. Though the book is considered fictional, it couldn’t be any more real. Nine black men were “hoboing” a train and ended up being accused of a crime against two white women and known as vial criminals throughout the south. This incident became known as the Scottsboro trial. Although the book To Kill a Mockingbird and

  • How Does Williams Use Nigga?

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    “I don’t give a fuck what a nigga say,” for a word that many different things I think most people would agree that in this since nigga means a person preferably black. Nigga is a derogatory and racist word that refers to Black people. But, we, meaning Black people, still use it. We do not care, nigga flows off the tough. In using nigga we not only show disdain but become a nigga when using it and we’re ok with it. This is why I choose Katt Williams, 2006 comedy skit Pimp Chronicle Part 1. In William’s

  • Queenie Quotes

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    • “Oh, there were plenty men like me, wandering this small island, their heads cluttered with the sights they had once looked on. If you would listen then we would talk ­ widen your eyes with stories of the war and the Mother Country… Come, ask a question you have always wanted to know. The King ­ oh, a fine man, and Shakespeare too. Paved with gold, no ­ but, yes, diamonds appear on the ground in the rain (173).” – Gilbert • “’She can’t understand what I’m saying….They’re not civilised. They only

  • Mykelti Brown and Antonio Pardo's Wedding Details

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    Mykelti Brown and Antonio Pardo are officially married. This weekend the couple of Sister Wives tied the knot. The viewers won't get to see the wedding right away, but the details are starting to come out about what happened this weekend when Mykelti got married. Us Magazine shared some about what happened for this couple. The wedding between Mykelti and Tony happened in St. George, Utah, on Saturday, December 17. This is where the happy couple lives and where Mykelti is going to school. The couple