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  • Links in Virtual Space

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    Links in Virtual Space Imagine a virtual community of more than 2.7 million residents. Individuals are almost always up-to-date on what their friends are up to and often converse with them on a daily basis, even if they live halfway across the world. They often meet others through mutual acquaintances or shared interests and can develop fast friendships. Communication is quick and easy; within minutes, one can publicize an event, engage in a debate, or publish a piece of writing, all without

  • The Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds

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    The Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds There have been many recent discoveries pertaining to the finding of dinosaurs. However, there has never been a link between dinosaurs and birds at least not like this before. There has been a discovery in China of a remarkable dinosaur with birdlike feathers on its hind legs and tail including others places. A man by the name of Henry Gee has been researching this topic since 1996 and has come up with new discoveries. This four-winged dinosaur has fueled

  • The Links Between Diet And Cancer

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    The Link Between Diet and Cancer Every year, 1.2 million people are diagnosed with cancer and more than 500,000 people die from the disease. According to the National Cancer Institute, over 30% of these deaths can be attributed to diet. This means that the average person can greatly lower his risk of getting cancer simply by changing his diet. There is, of course, no guarantee against cancer, but the lifestyle choices that we make now can have a huge impact on our lives in the future. (http://www

  • Data Link Control (internet)

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    protocols that must be established and utilized at all times. In this short ten page paper I will be demonstrating the advancements in these protocols and there uses today. To properly show the significant advancement, it will be best to show why Data Link Control was established. In the early 1970’s, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) started a research program interlinking computer to share information. While sending information from one site to the other many problems arose

  • Food: A Link in African American Culture

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    Food: A Link in African American Culture Four different people, four different lifestyles, all with at least one thing in common—their races (or so we have yet to discover). I began my interviews wanting to show the similarities and differences in eating habits and traditions with the African American perspective in mind. Although race is used as the combining factor in this situation, each individual’s lifestyle, cultural behavior, and even eating habits are all very unique. My interviewees

  • The Link Between Height and Personal Success

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    The Link Between Height and Personal Success Your height won't influence what you earn as much as your race or gender, but it may well be significant. In Britain and America, the tallest quarter of the population earns 10% more than the shortest quarter. A white American man averages a 1.8% higher income than his counterpart an inch shorter (1). Economics is not the only area in which taller people win: out of the US's 42 presidents, only eight have been below average height for the time. Most

  • The Link between HIV and the Development of AIDS

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    The Link between HIV and the Development of AIDS The breakout of the AIDS pandemic during the early eighties is considered one of the biggest challenges in modern medicine. Twenty years after the first AIDS cases were recorded, we are far from developing a cure for this devastating pandemic. Although our knowledge of this condition remains limited, the vast majority of scientists now agree that the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is the predominant cause of AIDS, and the notion that HIV

  • The Links Between Environmental Ethics and Sciences

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    The Links Between Environmental Ethics and Sciences Ecologists formulate their scientific theories influenced by ethical values, and in turn, environmental ethicists value nature based on scientific theories. Darwinian evolutionary theory provides clear examples of these complex links, illustrating how these reciprocal relationships do not constitute a closed system, but are undetermined and open to the influences of two broader worlds: the sociocultural and the natural environment. On the one

  • The Link Between Heart Disease and Cancer

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    The Link Between Heart Disease and Cancer Recently, on a visit to my mothers' house, I pulled out my parents' wedding album. As I flipped through the pages of the wedding album, it was exciting to see pictures of my parents and our family members. Everyone seemed to be joyous except my grandmothers. They both had sad and angry expressions on their faces as their children made their vows to each other. I, too, was saddened as I noticed my paternal grandmother's figure because one of her

  • The Link Between Friendship and Moral Development

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    The Link Between Friendship and Moral Development The study of morality is molded by an intricately linked set of tangential issues each of which has a unique effect on moral development. Friendship and peer groups in particular play an indisputable role in helping to shape the path of moral development in children and adolescents. In evaluating various philosophical and psychological perspectives on morality, two principal arguments emerge concerning the link between friendship and moral development: