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  • Leonardo DaVinci

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    Leonardo DaVinci was born in Renaissance era. He was a true Renaissance man. Leonardo has done many interesting things. For example Leonardo DaVinci was a philosopher, an inventor, architect, engineer, mathematics and lastly he was a painter. He basically liked doing interesting things throughout his life (real). Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in Anchiano, Italy. His parents have lived in the area for more than 200 years. San Piero was his father and Catarina was his mother. Leonardo’s father

  • The Works of Leonardo DaVinci

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    The lifetime accomplishments of Leonardo DaVinci represent him as one of the most creative and inventive Renaissance men in our world’s history. Leonardo’s lifetime accomplishments showed that he was an individual that continued to progress his work into masterpieces, and believed that his artwork should reflect the world around him. Leonardo contributed to humanities by creating many drawings and paintings, sculptures, and machines. The work of DaVinci has been classified as innovative and creative

  • The Life of Leo the Lefty

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    Leonardo DaVinci, arguably one of if not the most talented man of all time. Leonardo was brilliant and creative. DaVinci was an artist before his time. He grew up in the Renaissance but, is known as a realist. He did some of the best research that contributed to the inventions that we enjoy now. During his life he painted two of the most famous realistic paintings ever, Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Leonardo DaVinci is one of the greatest people to walk this earth. Growing up it was unsure how

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

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    Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most remembered men to ever walk the face of the earth. Leonardo was always a curious man, that’s why he studied so many different subjects. He was an engineer, painter, draftsman, sculptor, scientist, and architect his life was so intriguing that anyone would write about his life including childhood, family, contributions, and sadly his death. Leonardo was born on April 15th, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. He was born out of wedlock. His full birth name was Lionardo di ser

  • Within The Mastermind: How Leonardo Da Vinci Birthed The World Of Today

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    Leonardo da Vinci, or less commonly known as Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, was a brilliant and talented man; in fact, his talents and intellectual capacity could even be incomparable to the "later geniuses" of Einstein, Newton, or even Bacon as da Vinci was centuries ahead of his time. Although he is widely renowned for the epithet of "Renaissance Man", there was much more to da Vinci than just being a renowned artist. His incessant studies were remarkable. In fact, among many things, Leonardo

  • The Torment of Saint Anthony

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    The Torment of Saint Anthony The Torment of Saint Anthony (c. 1487-¬88), an oil and tempera on a panel, is believed to be the first painting by Michelangelo inspired by an engraving by Martin Schongauer (c. 1470-75) when Michelangelo was 12 or 13 years old (Vogel. 2009). It is one of the four surviving panel paintings by Michelangelo, who, according to one biographer, had spoken with disdain of oil painting in later life. It was purchased by an American art dealer at a Sotheby’s auction in July

  • The Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci

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    do not realize that a parachute and the Mona Lisa have one common factor—Leonardo da Vinci. His techniques of self-teaching are very impressive and unique from anyone else’s during the Renaissance era. This Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, generously impacted the art and science world by creating new-world inventions, perfecting newly found art techniques, and creating the most famous pieces of art in history. Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions were all considered fever dreams in the Renaissance

  • Leonardo Da Vinci And Da Warhol: Legendary In The Art World

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    Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol are legendary in the art world and their masterpieces are one of a kind however when comparing the two the renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci is vastly superior when mastering an art collection. The tools used to create masterpieces are numerous, there uses tailored to the individual and their state of mind. When creating some of his most notable pieces of art Andy Warhol used a silk screening printer to create images unlike anything else at the time, also using

  • final term

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    So the end of the semester is here. I have chosen to write a paper instead of participating in the flash mob for a couple of reasons. First, I have a very difficult time coming up at the end of this month and it is pulling me apart emotionally. I feel lost and am existing in a fog and can’t be relied upon to make a cohesive decision or to contribute anything of value. It isn’t fair to my classmates for me to cry if I am “bumped too hard” emotionally, so I have chosen to work alone. Second, I

  • Leonardo da Vinci: The Renaissance Man

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    Leonardo da Vinci was a very well-known and extremely talented artist in his time. Not only was he an artist but, also an architect, inventor, and chronicler of science (Zimmermann). Throughout his life he created many beautiful works of art. As an inventor he researched objects of interest to see exactly how they performed and tried to figure out the exact science involved. That being said, not only was he an artist, he also personified the enlightened age prevalent in Europe at the time. Da Vinci